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    Creative Home Studio Space Ideas

    Comfort Matters

    Create a comfy space to relax within your Home Office or Studio Space as Sometimes we need to sit in various in order for creative energy and ideas

    Storage Matters

    Find cute, colorful and creative containers and shelves to store your supplies and equipment in. Here I have incorporated colorful wicker baskets and ceramic mugs atop a cute decorative wicker shelf. The visual interest help feed our sense of creativity.

    Lighting Matters

  • 🌼Every Goddess Deserves a TemplE🌼

  • Sacred Space Goddess

    🌼Every Goddess Deserves a Temple🌼

    Ideas and Inspiration. Home Decor. Home Accents. Bringing Beauty Balance and Sacredness to Interiors

  • Home decor items coming Soon!

    These items will be coming soon to our Brick and Mortar as well as our Online Etsy... Stay tuned😉


    Candles, Incense & Resins


    Throw Pillows

    Ghanaian Baskets


    Tapestries & Wall Hangings

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