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Word to the Mothers ✊🏾

A Collection of Works and Shares on the Collective Feminine Force of Primordial Power


Journeying with the Mothers

I am new to the world of the Mothers as a conscious awareness. However when I was introduced to them formally by my Iya (Yeye Ifadoyin Oyinlola Aduke’) they definitely resonated with me. Since that initial introduction and first stages of training to become a Priest and now in this first year of being an Initiated Priest of Oya and Osun, I have had a few direct experiences with the Iyami which I will share in time. As I am hearing stories of the Iyami, I am realizing that they have been with me for some time. I invite you to accompany me on this journey of learning, living and exploring the world of the Mothers.

“This will be an ongoing body of work that will no doubt continue to grow and expand in direct proportion to our studies and direct experiences with the Mothers...I hope you in-joy 🦋”

Iyami: Human, Ancestral, Primordial and Cosmic

My good Sisterfriend, Dr. Dawn Tafari (Published Author, National Speaker, HipHop Feminist, Aborisha, Omo Iyami) shared this article with me. It is the most succinct yet comprehensive I’ve seen to date. This Iya (Iya Ayele Kumari) breaks down categories of Iyami as well as dispels myths about our beloved Mothers. Please don’t hesitate to leave your comment for discussion or to just share.

Stay tuned for:

They Iyami, Womens’ Empowerment and the Re- Emergence of the Goddess

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the Mothers aka Iyami, Iyami Osoronga, Aje, Iyami Aje

Please contact me if you’d like to submit to this work. ( It could be as little as a quote and as much as an entire book you have written, which I would share a link to. I will of course site you and whatever contact information you’d like published...Do you have videos, articles, or dreams and personal experiences you’d like to share? ( disclaimer: submissions are not guaranteed to be used) Are you also ‘lead’ to share about the Mothers and you’d like to partner on this project? Sorry, NO Iwa Pele...NO partnership (👈🏽 when Yeye Oya compels your fingers to type something 🌺) Or if you just want to learn, feel free to SUBSCRIBE BELOW 👇🏽 and/or leave comments or email me directly if you’d like your submission to be included in the body of this ongoing project 🙏🏾 Mojuba Iyami 🌹

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