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Why Ancestor Veneration?

· Spirituality

Excerpted from a conversation with a friend, who asked this question

Why Connect with Our Ancestors?

Because they have returned to non- physical and can now act as more effective guardians of our carnal and spirit Spirit beings, OUR exalted Ancestors (especially if activated) can protect us from lower beings that might seek to harm or misguide us for their own personal or the gain of their bloodline

Our Ancestors can protect our Spiritual and Psychic experiences at those times we are intentionally opening ourselves to unseen realms such as Sleep, Meditation, Ritual etc. However we are at all times walking around open to (connected to) other realms, dimensions, entities etc

Maybe largely unintentionally, but open nonetheless, vulnerable nonetheless, susceptible nonetheless...Honored Ancestors can protect our experience by warding off entities, sending us warnings, even manipulating circumstances and physical objects...

They are our first non- physical Guardians, when we say Spirit Guides...First Ancestors, then all others ie Animal Guides and Totems, Angels, Deities, Orishas etc

That’s what a Dafa (IFA divination) will reveal...Priests in ones lineage (among many other things)...because a Priest Ancestor is of course looking forward to who in the bloodline will hear, feel and see beyond and take up the charge of the bloodlines’ healing

It is said and understood that our Ancestors have a personal vested interest in our Success as we are forwarding our (their)bloodline...also next in the aforementioned list of Spirit Guides and Guardians, would be our Spiritual Ancestors as in those who went before us in our chosen or born into Spiritual lineages...they also watch over their descendant Priests etc.

This pre- existing Priestliness in ones bloodline can be a relief to uncover because surely said person would have felt ‘displaced’ in family and in life and even may have had ‘otherworldly’ types of experiences or a deep yearning for or knowing that there’s ‘something else’ ‘out there’ or inside of ones self...something as yet largely ‘undiscovered’

There’s so much more to say

There is so very much more to say about the wide world of our Egun, and the many ways that ALL Indigenous Peoples honor, connect with and celebrate them. There are even practices and rituals that facilitate Ancestral Healing. Fascinating! More to come...

Dedicated to my Guardian Ancestors

My Great- GrandMother

Dorothy Gamble Stevenson🌼

My Mom

Glynnis Allena Anderson-Gladden🌺

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