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Weave Well: Harmonizing with the Pisces Sun and Virgo Super Moon

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✨Happy Pisces Season✨

The Sun entered the Sign of Pisces, on Monday, Feb. 18th 2019 at 7:45pm est. We say goodbye to Uranus ruled Aquarius season which curiously can feel quite unsettling even though Aquariuses themselves have a very peaceful and calm energy 🤔. Pisces(Olokun) is Ruled by Neptune and rules Dreams, Spirituality, Fashion, Music, Psychism, the Imagination, the subconscious, the unmanifested etc. As Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, and precedes Spring (Aries the first Sign), all of the other signs deposit into this final place. When we have done our work, tended to our vibration and are living a Heartfull Love centered life, this space of the unmanifested can really be a joyful playground. Nonetheless, you may have felt some extended melancholy and irritability as the Sun changed between Aquarius and Pisces during a Full Moon, however the calm of Neptune ruled Pisces should be starting to settle in by now just in time for the exact Full Moon which by its very nature is a dynamic force. I must say though that of all of the Full Moon (as it reflects its partner Sun Sign) this pair is the least tumultuous, This Earth/ Water Combo is pretty chill and prefers not to stir things up too much and this will be reflected in how this Full Moon feels.

✨Happy Full Moon In Virgo✨

This Super Moon is even more Super because the Sun and Moon’s planetary rulers are Conjunct. A Mercury/ Neptune conjunction is highly Psychic. Think, Feel and Intend well and surely well being will manifest. Weave Well.

~AfroGoddess Kenya Jah OyadaraOsuntola

This Super Moon ushers in Pisces Season. The Virgo Full Moon (comes in Tuesday, Feb. 19 at 10:54am est) asks us to balance our water (emotional) nature with earthy groundedness and practicality without losing our Magick. This Super Moon (because of its close proximity to the Earth) is even more Suoer charges as the Pisces Sun ruler, Neptune is Conjunct the Virgo Moon’s ruler Mercury. There is so much to say about this but what I will say is that Mercury/Neptune is a Highly Psychicly Sensitive placement and to be corresponding in rulership to a Full Moon has this energy be exceptionally high. The Good news is that the Virgin Earth Goddess (Virgo) is ready to invite and embrace responsibility, organization and discrimination into our inner world, which will purify our intentions and help us be introspective. Amidst the deep water whimsy of Pisces, Virgo comes to situate and cleanse. She comes to serve and to heal. This is a time to get clear about offering what is prudent and effective and to guard against self sacrifice and martyrdom. The Pisces/ Virgo pole is one of my favorites. Each Goddess is focused in her own way on Healing and Service. Virgo loves to purify Mind/Body and Spirit. Ways to honor and align with the energy of this Full Moon: 1.) Relax, Meditate, Breathe 2.) Clean and Organize your space, start with your refrigerator 3.) Offer an act of Service, a random act of kindness 4.) Wear Crystals and Gemstones associated with Virgo and Pisces, Wear Earth tones (Virgo) with Pastels and/or Blue/Green Jewel Tones (Pisces) 5.) Fast on Liquids 6.) Take a Aromatherapeutic Sea salt, Aztec Healing Clay bath 7.) Do some Yoga including Resting Squat pose ✨🙏🏾✨

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Celestial chart of this Full Moon

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