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AfroGoddess WaistBead Parties

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My history with Waistbeads

I made my first strand of Waistbeads in 2009. I then began making custom strands to order. I had my very first Waistbeading Party at my Fells Point studio (The Portal Moonlodge Temple) for my birthday in 2011. I was also selling wrapskirts out of a beautiful Ghanaian basket that I would carry around; such a Marketplace Woman 💖. Anyway as time went on I left the country to travel abroad, where I would soon experience many trials and challenges which lead me on a course away from keeping up with my purpose work. So my jewelry making, marketplace and Holistic practitioner life was largely sporadic for roughly 5 years 😱... Well I’m back now and in full effect. I’m grateful for all that has been my life, for the lessons and for the love, beauty, clarity and empowerment I’m experiencing on the other side.

AfroGoddess Waistbeads

My Baby niece Keniyah feeling special and beautiful in her Waistbeads✨

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✨WaistBead Parties✨

AfroGoddess Waistbeading Party

The Flow of AfroGoddess Waistbeading Parties

✨The Welcome and Womb Meditation✨

We gather in the “Womb Room” (my Treatment Room) and begin with a beautiful Womb Meditation ( guided by Iya Kenyatta OsunRemilekun at this particular one). The space is beautifully candlelit and we each connect with our Primal Center. I really appreciate how from the door there is warmth and welcoming among the Women who were strangers, but soon became “related”

The Menu: Vegan Yumminess

The Beaded Goddess

We then migrate to the Beading Sanctuary where I have a lovely spread prepared for my guests including: Kale Salad, Cheesey Herb Pasta, Hummus and chips, Sugar snap peas and Pico de Galo and Strawberries and Pears. And let me not forget my famous “Shrine Punch” 😉

The Beaded Goddess

The Set Up: The Beading Chamber

The Beaded Goddess

Let the fun begin!

The Beaded Goddess

💖Love Talk/


Our topics often include but are not limited to:

1.) Puberty and Sexuality

2.) Women’s Sexual Liberation

3.) Spiritual Awakening

4.) Self Care

5.) Healing Ancestral Trauma

The Beaded Goddess
The Beaded Goddess

We chat, listen to music and sing along, dance and snack all while making our beautiful creations.

The Beaded Goddess

Everyone makes at least two strands.

The Beaded Goddess
The Beaded Goddess

✨Then there are the Pieces you will create...breathtaking

The Beaded Goddess
The Beaded Goddess
The Beaded Goddess
The Beaded Goddess

The Beaded Goddess Turn Up Crew (minus 2)

The Beaded Goddess

The Next ✨Beaded Goddess WaistBeading Turn Up ✨

has been scheduled and is a HoneyHeartfulness edition 🌙🌟✨

✨Hostess a Waistbead Party ✨

Waistbeading Party

Give the gift of a WaistBeading Party for a Birthday, Graduation, Bridal Shower, Engagement, your Daugter’s starting her Moon cycle or whatever festive time you’d like to celebrate with the gift of connecting and creating sacred adornments together.

I provide the Sacred space, delicious lite fare, Sacred Womb Movement/ Meditation and all beading supplies and as the “Hostess” you just invite the people✨ Contact me at (667)401-7585 or to book a party 🎉

Afrogoddess Waistbeads
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