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Virgo New Moon Envisionings 2020

Gather and Release Yourself!

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For the New Moon in Virgo embrace:

  • A New way of using your attention to detail to see and accept yourself and others.
  • Staying healthy with the Seasons 
  • Simplifying your life.
  • Purifying your Mind and Body.
  • Adopting a method or system for Mindfulness.
  • Prioritizing Self Care and Physical and Mental Health.

Astrologically Speaking:

Virgo is ruled by Mercury or Esu. Virgo is about discernment and discrimination. It's not only about collecting data rather also using Higher Mind to properly synthesize the information. This particular New Moon comes in exactly trining Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn cares about responsibility, structure and process. Be sure to embrace and incorporate this energy so that it does not not have to forcefully limit, restrict or isolate you in order to get your attention to focus on the more practical matters of life. 

The Virgo New Moon and matters of Mind and Body


Virgo is especially concerned with the aspect of Self care that is caring for the health of the physical body and its systems, especially our digestive systems. Our digestive system is largely the sole means by which we get nutrients into all the other body systems.

This is a great time to begin preparing your body for the final cleanses and detoxes of the year which you may want to begin in a few days at the Fall Equinox. It is not recommended that you do too much cleansing (fasting and detoxing) late into the Fall and Winter (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) as those times are best suited for storing up and insulating for the cold months.

In staying healthy with the seasons, begin to shift your diet to include more ground foods/ root veggies, stews and good oils. Decrease ingesting cold and frozen foods and drinks and take in warm and warming ones. Expand your knowledge of the various roots and fruits that grow in the cold seasons.

Both Inform yourself as well as visit a Holistic, Ayurveda practitioner or Nutritionist for guidance on the best diet for your body type. Also consider receiving Acupuncture to tune your body and help your system adjust to the Seasonal shift.

Cover your body properly, especially your head and feet. Begin to insulate so that instead of needing to warm up you will maintain and not loose your internal warmth.


Womb Wellness

It is important that our organs of elimination (and so nutrition and digestion) be healthy especially given their proximity to our wombs. I recommend that you take on a way of living that honors and takes care of your womb. You can explore the world of Womb wellness through Queen Afua's books and or have a consultation with me.



Your mind is a part of you that requires attention, care and nourishment like body. Your mind is not tangible so sometimes its needs can be put on the back burner. We live in a high stress Industrialized society largely driven by output and productivity. When we are not driving our bodies and minds we are being inundated with all manner of constant advertisement and propaganda material.

I hope that you will give yourself (your mind) at lest a few minutes of rest each day. No TV, just you and you and the Divine. You can start out with a timer and just do 15 minutes. If you find the idea of meditating ( as in sitting quietly) challenging or stressful, thats ok. You can incorporate music. You can sit and chant. You can create a chant that soothes and empowers you or use one of the sounds or phrases that have been used over millennia.

Bodyfulness for the Mind

Yoga, Dance, TaiChi, QiGong and other Sacred Movement

Not only is the body influenced by the mind, but the mind is influenced by the body. When the body is sufficiently nourished, relaxed and calm, it doesn't as readily pull on the mind for attention. Consider exploring various styles of Sacred Movement to see which is a fit for you. I will be offering Sacred Goddess Yoga classes in the very near future, stay tuned!

Note: Not being capable of sitting alone with oneself can be a symptom of having copious amounts of internal conflict as in avoidance of aspects of ourselves we'd rather not come in contact with. I can guide you in identifying, addressing and healing this using a unique series of One on One Guided Introspective sessions.

Contact me at

New Moon Ritual

Write yourself a letter.

Acknowledge how you have been harsh or overly critical of yourself or impatient with your development or progress.

Let yourself know what was driving you and why you have been frustrated and not accepting.

Acknowledge that you have not been loving to yourself because you have not felt loved.

Let yourself know that Introspection is necessary but it doesn’t have to be shaming or unkind.

Commit to a NEW practice or system of Introspection that is thorough and loving.

Gather and Release yourself.

Once you have identified the flaws that you have collected in order to survive; elevate and heal those aspects so that you can responsibly RELEASE YOURSELF with confidence.

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