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Vibrate Higher Spiritual Arts Conference And Expo

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Presentations and Workshops

Join Us for an Amazing and Uplifting experience! There will be many presentations including The Essence Of Spiritual Bathing by the Yeye Osun Of Maryland Yeye Ifadoyin Oyinlola, Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi by Master Ian Noel, Meditation and Mindfulness for ages 12 and up and More! There will be exhibitors selling Vegan Food, doing Reiki, Chakra Assessments, Readings, Massage and more! For those who are following #AfroGoddess and #SacredSpaceGoddess specifically, I’ll be presenting at two different topics as seen below:

Every Goddess/God deserves a Temple

Would‘t you love to easily experience basic tranquility and serenity in your living space? In this presentation, we’ll Explore the arrangement and balance of elements and energies as well as principles, habits and practices toward the home, studio or office of your dreams...Because you deserve Temple living! #EveryGoddessDeservesaTemple #SacredSpaceGoddess

The Astrology of Loving: Discovering your Personal Love Signature

We will Explore and Understand How the Stars impact your Personal Resonance and hence the World of Loving and Feeling Loved...This Awareness will give you the keys to Unlock, Magnify, Enhance and Amplify your Love Energy So you can discover your Personal Love Signature

I am hoping to also offer my Enchanted AfroGoddess Adornments, Beautiful Colorful Wrapskirts And Sundresses as well as Comfy Cotton Meditation And Yoga Wear for Men and Women...stay tuned 😉...pictured is Iya Kenyatta Osunremilekun, who will be opening our Conference with Mindfulness Yoga 🙏🏾

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