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The New Moon In Taurus conjunct Uranus~ Galactic Love

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Astrologically Speaking 

The Sun enters Taurus

The Sun entered the Sign of Taurus on Sunday, April 19th. We are shifting from head strong, self defining, warrior, instigator Aries, now that we have fought for survival as an autonomous and thriving being. We are now ready to leave our pod and go and forage for wood and plants to make our living comfortable. And so we enter Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac. We travel from a Mars ruled fire sign to a Venus ruled earth sign. Taurus likes to graze and luxuriate. I like to say that there are 3 kinds or states of Taurus; the sitting bull, the grazing bull and the raging bull. Taurus is not as much into hard work as it is open to steady work; work that is rich and rewarding and utilizes its strengths and passions. In Taurus, we find a concern for finances, personal resources, material comforts and luxury. Taurus natives are sure and clear about who they are and don't engage in anything that doesn't line up with their values; and they don't understand why anyone would do such a thing anyway. Taurus is easily charming as it does not see the point in engaging in warfare (hence the rare sightings of the raging bull) when its ideals and decisions are unshakeable and its boundaries are fortress-like. They're steadfastness often gets them the charge of stubborn (the sitting bull lol). Taureans will smile and be sweet as they calmly utter, "No." They are Venus/ Oshun/ Love Goddess ruled after all. (smile). Taurus season is a time to focus on the kind of loving that fosters sweetness and the kind of financial responsibility that fosters comfort and luxury. Taurus is willing to work for what it wants and needs and will never take a sick day. However, that being said, when they get home from work and on their weekends, they sit and they relax. Taureans are masters at "chillin" and love to indulge in decadent cuisine and sweets (the grazing bull). This tenacious worker is also the ultimate couch potato. Taureans are here to live a good, peaceful life; to take it easy yet get it done.

New Moon in Taurus: The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Taurus

The New Moon comes in on Wednesday, April 22nd at 10:26pm EST. The new moon signifies a time of new beginnings. A new moon is an alignment of the Sun and Moon and so the masculine and feminine, inner and outer. New Moon is a time of solemness and alignment. With this Taurus New Moon being ruled by Venus, it's all about Love, Beauty, Sweetness and Luxuriating. All things Oshun. New Love, Vow renewals, Reconciliation...all things Love. But remember, Taurus is about putting in the work, steadiness and discipline whose fruits are a good and sweet life. So to that end I'll share some "Keys to Happiness" Ive learned in my love studies:

Keys to Happiness

1.)Be Responsible

2.)Tell the truth about your flaws

3.)Get the Unconditional Love you need

4.)Love others Unconditionally


I go more into detail about these keys in the Guided Introspective work I offer. Contact me for more info

New Moon conjunct Uranus~ a New Moon that acts like a Full Moon

This particular New Moon comes in conjunct Uranus. Uranus is the planet of technology, innovation and sudden change and is not necessarily a welcome fit for Taurus. Taurus likes things slow, steady and reliable. When we pair Uranus with the Sun and Moon we get a less serene New Moon. As a matter of fact, energetically, this New Moon could feel like a Full Moon. Typically New Moons feel calm, however this one could feel a little janky. Uranus invites us to get to know our lover cosmically, energetically...galacticly. Have a couples Astrology reading and find out each others' soul paths and how to harmonize.  I propose that we intentionally invite the innovative, technological and Scientific, the chaotic and the unexpected into our experience right now. In so doing, we won't be surprisingly usurped by Uranus' influence. Watch Scifi with your beloved, go and sit on the roof, play dress up (galactic, flashy, fluorescent), role play or play hide and seek. The more out of the ordinary the better. Just commune with and celebrate this avant-garde visitor. Have fun with it.

Heartfulness and the New Moon

This new Moon's ruler Venus, The Goddess of Love is in the sign of Gemini, so communication is going to be an important theme. You don't have to talk to commune. I would say that this is a good moon to practice other forms of communication. Communicate using warmth from your eyes, using a gentle touch. Commune by observing your beloved as they just be. Let any words you choose to use be deliberate and for the purpose of transmitting kindness.

Sacred Space Wise

It's Spring time and time for Spring cleaning. This Venus New Moon asks you to deeply clean your home. Also, Use Honey, Amber and Floral scents to invite the energy of Love and Romance into your space. Do you have a comfortable area to luxuriate by yourself ( or with your lover) and a separate one to relax with your loves ones (family, children)? If so, make sure this space is refreshed. If not, then create these spaces. You will feel the difference immediately. Remember to change out your heavier linens and curtains for lighter brighter ones. Fill your home with the energy of love and kindness. Be sure to remove shoes at the door. Have safe zones/ reflection areas where you and your loved ones can go to cultivate peace and sit in silence. Keep your space sacred. If you must have a "spirited" exchange consider gathering outside instead of inside the temple where you and your family rest and rejuvenate.  

~New Moon Rituals~

Write down 1 quality you'd like to cultivate within yourself and 5 that you love and appreciate about yourself.

Get together with your lover and/or family.

Hold each others hands as you share what you love and appreciate about one another..

Call someone and make amends with them.

Create workable commitments around your finances.

Create workable commitments around Love and Romance.

Plant a Garden. Forage for Herbs.

Incorporate fresh herbs into your cooking.

Prepare your favorite dish from scratch. Bake a dessert.

Envision the quality of life you want to live complete with how you want to feel in that life.

Write down your vision, wishes, hopes and dreams.

~Couples Astro- Divination~

Contact me for appointments.

Contact me for Guided Introspective Work

New Moon Goddess Awakening

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