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Taurus Full Moon2017


· HeartfulLove Goddess

Happy Full Moon!

Taurus is ruled by Venus /Het Heru/ Osun Goddess of Beauty, Fertility and Love…Taurus is Earthy and Sensual…The Luxury loving…The Fancier…The Self Assured One. During the Full Moon in Taurus these qualities are fully illuminated. There is an air of romance and grandeur. Taurus wants harmony and loves to be surrounded by close friends and family at home feeling cozy and comfy. Taurus Loves Art and Beauty and loves to be out and about enjoying an art show or music performance wearing the finest couture clothing or the most natural flowy indigenous garments. Taurus wants luxury and loves to eat savory decadent exotic cuisine and or down home cooking

Astrologically Speaking...

A Chart of the Heavens at the exact moment of the Full Moon

This Taurus full moon will be particularly sexy, alluring and mystical, as not only is it balanced by a Scorpio sun, it is also trined by Pluto in Capricorn and sextiled by Neptune in Pisces. This exact sextile to Neptune (at 11 degrees) is worth noting. Neptune's mystical, emotional and spiritual waters saturate Taurus' earthy sensibilities and can give a way to huge portal of manifestation to our practical endeavors as well as desires. This combination of energies is lit to say the least. Feel loved and Be Loving so that you conjure well, ok. Sensual and grounded, Emotional and Ethereal, Erotic, Penertrating and Dreamy are some keywords for this particular Taurus Full Moon (of 2017). This Full Moon is high in the sky and near the Midheaven so the Feminine (feelings, comfort, routine, Mother, Woman, Home) will all be highlighted even more. The Masculine ( Father, Man, Work) may feel more withdrawn, relaxed and desire to be inside or hidden.

It's ALL about LOVE...

Yes its true. It's ALL about LOVE. Yes, even Astrology. How? you say...Because our proximity to feeling loved and being loving effects every other thing that we think, feel, say and do. Astrology was amazing and intriguing and 'worked' before i really felt healed, whole or loving. But as i learn more about what love is and isn't, and the more i transmit love...the more I am able to make ALL other technologies that I've learned applicable in my life to create a sustained level of Joy and Happiness in my Heart. Love Technology is the Ultimate Tool to add to your Life. It makes all your other Tools, Methods, Philosophies POP! You can start simply with the INTENTION to feel loved and be me if you want guidance from there, ok...Yay! Happy Loving!

Love, Luxuriate and Conjure Well.

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