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Sudan and Sag Full Moon 2019

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The Full Moon in Sagittarius is about the Teacher and the Student

The Sag Full Moon came in at 4:16 est. as Gemini was on the horizon.

Sag represents the Sage, the Scholar, The Saint, The Philosopher, The Oracle, The Teacher, and when we approach the Sag Full Moon its like the teacher has re-entered the classroom and the students who were laughing and joking about come to silence and attention. While Gemini is about being studious and taking in all of the details, a Sagittarius is the at the head of the class or on a maintain top with a broad vantage point. Sag swoops in with few words, yet asserts undeniable truths and principles that cannot be refuted. Sag is about holding you accountable for what you know and urges you to gain wisdom from the experiences you’ve had.

The Full Moon in Sag is about Communication with God versus communication among humans

Sag is not concerned with what people are saying amongst themselves, rather what is the Divine wanting us to know. What is coming from the wisdom within. Sag does not confuse itself by focusing on the changing and varied opinions of people, rather Sag embodies truth that stands the test of time, not because it is rigid but rather it pervades and encompasses everything possible. You apply the wisdom and principles of Divine communication and apply it to any given situation.

Sagittarius Full Moon 2019

Sag is ruled by Jupiter, the most benevolent and vast of planets

Sudan Uprisings

This particular Sag Full Moon: Speaking Truth to Power

With its one ruling planet, Jupiter nearby for loose conjunction, this Sag Moon is enlivened and emboldened and amplified. Now also the Gemini Sun’s ruler, Mercury is tightly Conjunct Mars and the North Node in Cancer and all being balanced by a tight conjunction in Capricorn between Pluto, Saturn and the south Node.

This Full Moon points to a culminating (Full Moon) of a usurping and transformation (Pluto) of outdated Patriarchal Systems (Saturn/ SouthNode). The outcry (Mercury) and Uprising (Mars) will be lead by and for a new world of support for Women and Children (North Node in Cancer). This will be supported by a STRONG sense of DIVINE MORAL INTEGRITY (Sag Full Moon Conjunct Jupiter). which will reach the hearts of the Global Community (the UN etc)

The Uprising in Sudan Comes to Mind.

The theme of this Full Moon is to stand firmly in our principles and to speak truth to power. Let us practice this first and especially in our own lives.

In the African pantheon Sagittarius is Obatala

Obatala- The Sweetest God from Africa
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