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December News & Sacred Yoni Pot Ritual & Marketplace

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Happy December! (and almost Winter)

Thanks so much for following and finding value in my work. I want you to know that there are some changes on the horizon. AfroGoddess will be joining her Sister Native Goddess under their Grandmother "IndigeGoddess". Afro and Native represent the primary branches of my Ancestry and Reclaiming my family's heritage is of paramount import to me. My work is fueled and supported by my Ancestor's blood and the richness of their Culture. So you will begin to see "IndigeGoddess"as a more broad and encompassing umbrella of my work. I will say more about my mission and such a little later. I am working to make the transitions as seamless as possible for my customer, clients and readership. My business number and email have changed and likely my blog site will as well. Thanks for sticking with me and riding the waves of my evolution and transformations.


New Business Contact


Upcoming Events

Moving forward into the "New Year" I will be publishing a 6 month Event and Class Schedule. I will be hostessing Monthly Moon gatherings for the New and Full Moon as well as yearly Equinoxes and Solstices. Classes will include but are not limited to Astrology 101, Ancestral Astrology, The Astrology of Loving, Relationship Astrology, Waistbeading and More!

You can Follow my events via Eventbrite here

See links for upcoming events below.

Winter Solstice Sacred Yoni Pot Ritual

The First rule of Sacred Yoni Pot Ritual is that you dont talk about Sacred Yoni Pot Ritual. LOL

a Gathering in the Sacred Lodge that you dont want to miss.

We will sing and chant and pray and release and celebrate.

Ritual begins at 5pm sharp.

I will forward the details of this event once you purchase your ticket.

Tickets go off sale on the 13th as you will need time to gather items to bring.

The Goddess Marketplace will be open so you can get your Kwanzaa and Christmas shopping on as well!

Space is limited to 12

Founders Day!

December 26th is my birthday so stay tuned for my Celebration and Specials!

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I recommend that you follow me on IG (and Pinterest) because I'm able to share extremely beautiful art and photography that I curate and harvest from the web. I'm not able to post those images in my own site because of licensing. As an artist, I really in-joy the array of images I get to display especially on these platforms along with my Inspirational Content.

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