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Happy Scorpio Season

· AstroGoddess

Happy Scorpio Season! Scorpio Season is a Mystical time with All Souls Day and Samhain. It’s a time when the veil between realms is thin. Scorpio is ruled by the Planet Pluto which is also known as the Lord of the Underworld. Scorpio deals with things hidden and dark and so favors secrets and sees darkness as an ally not evil. Pluto will force us to face our own shadow so that we can stop hiding parts of ourselves and actually be whole. Scorpio’s magnetism and Power is a direct result of Pluto’s energy. These people have seen death and decay and they walk with the ominous reality of fate and death everyday. So their fearlessness allows them to go to depths and heights that most would fear. We all have Pluto and Scorpio in Us, and it is there that we’ve come to Exact transformation and Evolve our Soul Journey. Have a Chart Reading to discover your personal Pluto/ Scorpio Archetype

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