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Astrology, Sacred Space & Heartfulness for the New Moon in Scorpio

Love, Bloodlines and Shapeshifting

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Astrologically Speaking: Saturn, Pluto and Neptune

This New Moon in Scorpio is potent. Scorpio is a water sign and some of its keywords include: Power, Magnetism, Intensity, Penetration and Instincts. Pluto (Scorpios ruler) is in the sign of Capricorn, which puts a bit of a practical and traditional spin on otherwise ethereal and unconventional Scorpio.

The Combination of Pluto (the Investigator and Soul Evolver, Oya) and the Saturn (the Examiner and Soul Tester) is definetly heavy. How are your passions supporting your vocation? How is your vocation supporting your passion? Are you using your spiritual gifts and talents toward securing a livelihood? Where could you go deeper in your connecting with others? How do you connect with the deeper, more private aspects of yourself? Do you listen to intense feelings when they come up or do you let them run the day and upset your commitments?

This is a time that emotions and passions will run high. Pay close attention to any strong feelings that come up for you as you may be feeling Ancestral Pain. There is a current conversation about the awareness of Ancestral Pain being revisited and re- experienced in our personal lives, you may want to get in on it, and learn some ways to discern and alchemize this energy. Dreams will hold especially vivid messaging as Pluto unearths and Neptune (Yemoja/ Olokun ) which is in trine aspect to this New Moon, submerges us even deeper into the watery abyss that is the repository for all things. As we make our decent, Pluto helps us discern what is growing and worth keeping and Saturn will remind us to stay on task and focus. We’re in good hands 🙏🏾

There is a current conversation about the awareness of Ancestral Pain being revisited and re- experienced in our personal lives, you may want to get in on it. - Iya Kenya OyadaraOsuntola

Sacred Space Goddess

Ideas and Inspiration, Bringing Balance, Beauty and Sacredness to interiors...Because Every Goddess deserves a Temple

During this New Moon, we may find ourselves wanting to move things around in our homes, even re- assign rooms. It seems extreme to do at this time but, it better not to resist or stay stagnant if suddenly you want to move your home office, home treatment space or mediation area to a different area of the house entirely. Pluto is just doing its job of moving energy around and rearranging and as long as the change serves some productive and practical benefit (and with Saturn’s influence here it must) you will be fine. Make spaces for ease of comfort and intimate conversation. Is this space amenable to intimate exchange? Does my home inspire feelings of warmth, sensuality and coziness? Use of darker tones and heavier fabrics is a good way to invite the sensual. Throw pillows and blankets and area rugs add ‘coze’ as we nestle in from the cooler temperatures.

Be sure to include lots of candles and warm aromas. Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and Cinnamon add wonderful warm and spicy notes to the home, while Jasmine and Amber sensualize the mood. Now your ready to enjoy some of those deeper conversations and share yourself with your partner or guests.

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Heartfulness, Shapeshifting and the Scorpio New Moon

This New Moon invites us to unearth (Pluto in Capricorn) and to delve deeply. To obtain a broader and deeper perspective for the sake of having true joy. It’s challenging to be truly loving when we choose not to deal with the ‘heavier’ less savory feelings and emotions we have. Please know that every feeling that comes up or that is stimulated is an indicator and an opportunity for awareness, healing and growth. We don’t have to live in these feelings or dwell, but also avoiding them is largely unproductive. From what I understand, there is a particular path of progression of healing that is being worked through in our bloodlines, a collective Soul Shape. There are certain strengths and weaknesses, dispositions and predispositions, gifts and flaws present that have been passed down throughout our lineage. Our ancestors are poised to give us cues of favorable and less favorable actions and to take and people to be around. They are ‘poised’ to do so, however there are certain protocols that need to be taken for our guardian ancestors to be ‘activated’ properly. (More on this at another time) In any case, taking the more favorable actions will bring us in alignment with our innate gifts and move us forward more smoothly toward the Transformed Soul and taking that road with the more favorable people will do the same. Are we listening to the cues? Are we adhering to their Guidance? All things considered, our current unhealthy relationship (s) could be reversing progress made in our bloodline. Now, we don’t have to feel undue responsibility for other people’s happiness or fear that our life is not our own, but it is true that we didn’t just spontaneously incarnate our own selves. We came through people, and those people came through people. So we are a part of a tribe and that tribe has its own soul work to do as a part of the greater of humanity.

I, recently, had a spiritual ceremony at my house. My birth family and spiritual family and friends were there. At this ceremony, my family members each stood up and expressed how happy they were that I was no longer in a previous relationship. They actually cried. To see me not only moving forward in my spiritual practice and position but to know that I was free of an unhealthy relationship that I had been in for 10 years. (More on my Empowered view of that relationship later). They were a witness to the redemption of my Soul shape as a member of our collective.

One of my Spiritual Advisors said that my family was really hurting through the relationship that I was in.

WOW! I wasn’t quite aware of the impact that my ‘walk’ was having on my loved ones. Yes, We can undergo Spiritual Renovation ( Pluto) and Shift the shape of our Soul’s Expression and Force. So during this Scorpio New Moon, as we are unearthing and delving, let us be encouraged to take an honest look at relationships we are in, the role we are playing in them and assess if we are in alignment with a greater work that we are here to forward.

We can undergo Spiritual Renovation ( Pluto) and Shift the shape of our Soul’s Expression and Force.

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