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Saturn Retrograde Basics

Breakdowns in Time, Structures, Leadership, Career and the Skeletal System

· HeartfulLove Goddess

Saturn rules Structures, Statues

The 'age old' structures that are being brought down are obvious. How interesting is it that actual statues were taken down overnight? These statues represent a structure that is outworn and outdated. Hello Saturn Retrograde!

Saturn Rules Time

Don't you get the sense that 'time's up' for some things? Saturn is Father Time as it sets limits and defines structure. During a Saturn retrograde we may experiences disruptions related to time or the perception of time. This Saturn Retrograde of 2017 is in the Sign of Sagittarius, which rules Overseas travel, Holy Places, Higher Education and Direct and clear Communication also communion with God. Interestingly enough there have definetly been interuptions in and even a banning of Overseas travel to and from various places.

Saturn rules Career

A Retrograde Saturn will surely tax our Career and Money earning life even if it is stable. We may find ourselves leaving current jobs that don't add to our sense of purpose or returning to past jobs that do. Tighten up your career and money earning arena of life. Be as independent (Saturn) as possible. Take professional development to strengthen your areas of expertise.

Saturn represents Rulers/ Patriarchy

Backwards Rulership. The ending of or reversal of Patriarchy. All of this is very obvious. Even with the exposure of All Women Kenyan tribes that have formed by Women to protect themselves from the culturally embedded oppression practiced by their Men including Female castration, Wife beating and women being treated as property.

Saturn rules the teeth and bones

Saturn in retrograde can bring on Loose teeth and tooth aches, Bone aches, fractures and decreases in bone density, as the Skeletal systems' weaknesses are exposed. This is a good thing because otherwise these weaknesses would have gone unchecked and caused an inevitable collapse. Increase Calcium intake as well as take in other minerals that help synergize with calcium helping the system to absorb it better, for example magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, phosphorous and vitamin D. Get in natural Water and bathe in Sunlight! The most potent synergists of All...

Love and Saturn Retrograde

Believe it or not, Love can help you through a rough Retrograde. Just the presence of and practice of Unconditional Love strengthens the subtle fibers of everything. So as we observe these Transits and apply these tools and tips, let us also apply Unconditional and Real Love to our Lives 💖

Saturn goes direct on Friday, August 25, 2017

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