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Sacredness and Creativity

How to Invite Juiciness For Creating...Crafting...Writing...Living

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'Court' your Creative Energy!

Stimulate and cultivate your relationship...prepare for your Juicy Creative Sessions as if you were preparing for a hot date! this may involve doing some things that do not seem directly connected...Are you ready? Do these things if you can but if you have unique limitations then adhere to them or tell me and maybe we can work through them...these things are not absolute however can stimulate the flow of Juicy creative energy...have ritual, habits and practices around invoking your inner juicy creative god and goddess..

1.) Purify

Organize and Refresh your Home (you want it to feel like a temple and smell like bliss)

2.) Set aside some space to create!

Have a table or desk, inspirational images, a Venus/Het Heru/ Oshun Alter on this creative surface with crystals (Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine etc) , sweet candle, honey, images of beauty, quality incense in burner, oil burner

3.) Set the Mood

Play music that puts you in the kind of place to feel peaceful and serene or sensual and stimulated (make sure the music is has the kind of vibration that you want infused into your work)

4.) Oil, Shower/ Bathe

Sweeten your body, put on a simple flowy something that you feel comfortable, relaxed yet regal in and Crystal Adornments Or Adornments that you feel Beautiful and Powerful in (Amulets)

5.) Charge the Space

Light your candle, Say a prayer/ affirmation, set an intention or make a wish or request...


Have a special Mug or Glass on your table/desk to put in your favorite Tea or Wine to sip while creating

7.) Decompress

Take scheduled breaks, get up and go out into nature or stay inside and have a sultry movement session...

Bliss as a Lifestyle

We cannot expect to feel necessarily creative, if we are not creating a juicy feminine delicious atmosphere in our lives. Lets practice the worship of our juice and delicious sacredness in every little thing, daily 🙏🏾

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