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Reikissage for Heart Healing

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Spotlight on Reikissage 💛🌺💛
Many women are coming to me and are dealing with “heartbreak”... besides the obvious horror of our most recent holocaust and current state of continuously being apparently “hunted”, we are having our own “personal”’challenges in love relationships. I put personal in quotes as most of us are living out trauma that is attached to the pain of our Ancestors/ Bloodline. Even as women, we carry trauma related to the horror that has been inflicted on all the women of the world. It’s a lot to sort through. As far as I can tell, MOST of us are EXCEEDINGLY ill equipped for the kind of complex “relationships” we think we want to be in and are adding to our pain and others by attempting them without healing and guidance. It’s true that we can use romantic relationships toward our healing and evolution, but that requires an intentional process. Among many things, I recommend what I call “Reikissage”. I use this treatment especially when deep heart hurt is present to facilitate comfort, release and healing of emotional and energetic bodies as well as trauma trapped in the physical body. Reikissage is beautiful and restorative in general and can benefit anyone as it’s hard to exist at this day and time and not have a little heartache. Contact me for more information on this treatment and to book a session 🙏🏽 Also contact me, if you would like to do some intentional work around healing through or from a romantic relationship. 💛
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