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Reclaiming My Temple


· Movement Goddess

Reclaiming my body like....”I looked up and five years had gone by and I didn’t really recognize the body I was in. What was I doing that had me so not in my body. Was I, unknowingly, packing on fluff as protection from the harshness of life? The answer is Yes!” I was continually busy throughout these years but not necessarily active and certainly not fit.  

Who's body is this?

I recently started attending a dance fitness class (i'll share the class once i get permission) on a weekly basis. Now, let me say that I've always been a dancer. Modern, African, Hip Hop, House you name it; so I'm used to a certain amount of movement and flexibility, which i certainly have taken for granted since i apparently was born with it. Also I am Massage/ Bodywork Professional and have managed to go years without getting massage (WTH?) When i tell you that, the body i danced with in this fitness class was not my body, I really mean it. Moving this body was like trying to move through quick sand. I was absolutely exhausted. Then I resumed going to Hot Yoga, something else I'd done regularly in the past. It's been uber challenging. I can just flat out not achieve most of the poses that i used to flow in and out of with ease. My body feels stiff. My muscles are tight and shortened. Who's body is this? This was one of the main catalysts for this #ReclaimingMyTemple movement.

Stress, Trauma and Stagnation

Over these few years, i have definitely had my share of stress and trauma. Honestly much of it had been self induced. I fought with all of my might to stay in a romantic situationship that was not a fit for me. On the good side, I have a the capacity to experience emotional extremes and transform regenerate rather miraculously. I learned so much and my (then) lover was (is) a really amazing human being. All of my frailties and flaws for brought to the surface for me to either project onto someone else or to recognize and begin alchemizing and healing. For most of the recent years I was doing the former lol. However in the more recent few years, I started looking within more consistently. Turns out that while i was doing all of this internal work, I was frozen and stagnant physically. There is an Astrological and Spiritual Component and Transit to this that I'll share at another time. Anyway, after much, i arrive here, at this point; I'm present again and ready to integrate Body Temple with my new innards.

What do I want from my body temple?

I really want my body to be strong and flexible. I want to be able to run fast and for a distance should i need to. I want to feel at home and relaxed inside of a capable, vital yet supple container. I want to activate all of the capabilities inherent in having a physical body. I want my body temple to easily facilitate the joyful and wondrous experience i came to have. I want to maximize any and all potentials of this vessel. I want to be optimal and juicy for all the days of my life and beyond.

What am I committed to do? What is my devotion?

I am committed to continue with the weekly Dance fitness class and Hot Yoga that i love so much. I have a beautiful bike on lay -away which i plan to get out soon and i see myself not only riding recreationally but infusing bike riding as how i commute, when possible. I am also committed to starting my Kemetic Yoga practice, which I have the most Amazing Yogini (to be announced) whom i love deeply, who will be AfroGoddess' own resident Yoga correspondent and Guru... Yay! ...To be continued

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