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Pisces Full Moon on Fleek

Pisces Full Moon Conjunct Neptune Sept. 6th

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Edited 9/8/2017

A Full Moon is a dynamic time...

By virtue a Full Moon is a dynamic time. The Sun and Moon are opposing or balancing eachother. They are in Opposite signs. This Full Moon is the Sign of Pisces as the Sun is currently in Virgo. When the Pisces Moon comes to balance the Virgo Sun, we experience a burst of Imagination amidst the lists and errands, Humidity and Moisture amidst Late Summer nights, Compassion amidst Competence, And Spirituality in the midst of Astute Observation.

Pisces Full Moon on Fleek

This Full Moon is especially powerful and significant because it is *Conjunct Neptune! Neptune is the planet that rules Pisces. So the Full Moon is Conjunct its own Planetary Ruler, Powerful! So the energy of Compassion! the Healer and the Spiritual, of Dreams and Imagination, of Fashion and Creativity, Psychism and Emotionality are on Fleek! Of course they're are downsides to Neptunian energy that will surely plague if we're not feeling full; such as delusions, confusion and depression or escapism via drugs or alcohol. This is a great time for Prayer, Meditation and Water Ritual.

Pisces is Impressionable

Pisces is sensitive, succeptable and open to impressions. This quality of Neptune and Pisces can be best used when we intentionally vision and introduce the kind of information and stimuli which feeds our soul. Empathy runs super high as the lines where you end and others begin, is easily non existent. Use this energy wisely and dont discount how effected by others you are at this time

Perfect Time for Healing

Virgo is the Nurse and loves to serve with her meticulous eye for detail and precision, and her balance (opposite) is Pisces who works well in Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Reiki ( moving invisible energy all about) So during this Full Moon period we have the best access to both worlds (not that we cannot access and balance them at other times) The Virgo Nurse clocks in and clocks out, however the piscean Healer doesn't leave until the patient is healed or the ritual is over. With this we need to make sure that we pack our snacks, water, nutrients and extra clothes, listen to positive soothing music and basically take exquisite care of our wellbeing as we settle in for the night to accompany someone through a healing crisis.

Neptune is Retrograde

It is important to note that Neptune is Retrograde until November 22nd which deepens the rabbit hole of this Full Moon. We could actually have visions of past incarnations either of our own lives, our bloodlines or of the history of Humankind. The possibilities are endless. This is a perfect time for Past Life Regression, Dream Analysis as well as Collective Visioning to Quantumly Heal Wounds of the Past.

Practical/ Mystical Application

This is NOT a time to make Assertions!

There is sooo much imaginative energy around that it could be easy to get swept away in the "maya" (illusion) of it all. I'm not going to suggest "stay grounded" because that's impossible, but just don't go making big decisions! A good hint that you're being swept away is if you feel especially sensitive about something and you feel as if you've been victimized and the "act" is not even occurring right now yet you want to go and confront someone etc. Don't! Wait a few days and see if you still feel the same. (You'll thank Me 😉)

Give yourself room to wallow in the intangible...

commune with the divine (prayer/ water ritual), Commune with people you feel loved by over Wine or Herbal Tea

This is a great time to write!!!! Imagination and ideas flowing strong!

Allot time to create ie. Arts and Crafts

Move Rhythmically...

Moving rhythmically will help facilitate the subtle and wavy energy passing through at this time. Do tai chi and belly dance especially

Listen to daily and nightly mediation and affirmation to feed yourself with the kind of imagery, thought and vibration that boosts and tunes your frequencies.

Get Reiki...

In-joy Romance...

Pisces is the Lord of Romance with all of its rich imagination and tenderness.

The Healing Power of Music

Pisces rules music with all of its subtlety and drama. Music moves us with its invisible waves, undulations and vibrations. This is especially a good time to zone out to some SoundHealing. Whether it's singing bowls, chimes, bells or more complex groupings of instruments, be soothed and transported to peaceful homeostatic bliss using melodious soft music.

*Conjunct- at the exact same degree or within 3 degrees

Below is the Chart from this Full Moon

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