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What are Personal Transits?

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What are Personal Transits?

Personal Transits are the direct influence that the Current planetary placements and movements are having on your specific birth chart, and hence effecting your personal experience. There is what’s happening out there and how that general climate is effecting us all and then there’s the more specific way that that climate is effecting you and me personally. If you think of the weather. There are global phenomena and trends and then there is the local weather in your country, state or town.

How are Personal Transits interpreted?

The majority of personal transit interpretations are gathered based on houses, planetary contacts and angles. As a certain planet (quality of focused energy) Transits a certain house (are of life), that house will be effected. Also if(when) a certain Transiting planet touches (conjuncts) your own Natal (Birth) planet there is an effect. Even when said transiting planet makes a major angle (Trine, Sextile, Oppostion) with your Natal planet, there is an effect. Actually the heavens are always effecting and influencing us, it’s just that over time we have developed these systems in order to understand how planetary positions and proximity are impacting our Earthly lives.

How might Personal Transits show up in my life?

1.) Having Strong urges to partner and enjoy some romance?

Venus (planet of Love, Sociability and Money) could be transiting your 7th House Of Partnership or conjuncting a Personal planet .

2.) Is everything in your home breaking down and you’re having to replace appliances and constantly do repairs? Are you feeling weighed down by family and home life?

Well Saturn the “Task master and Father of Time, Structure and Process” could be transiting your 4th House of Home, Inner Feelings etc or contacting a personal planet.

How can this information be helpful?


We can make predictions about the most and least favorable times to do certain things. We always exercise our free choice to do what we chose at any given time, but at least with knowledge of our Personal Transits, we can be ready for the various influences circumstances and conditions that we are likely to contend with.


Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and all of a sudden they just became sooo annoying to you. Like the sound of their voice all of a sudden drives you crazy. Surely it can’t be you. This person has transformed into a bugaboo and you were soooooo into them five minutes ago. Well honey, you could be going through a personal transit that has you very internally focused, serious and solitudenal. You may suddenly be Pre- occupied with your own subconscious in a way that has sharing your mental space intimately be intrusive.

Now imagine the difference between having this awareness, insight or foresight and not. The having of this information could bring such understanding and harmony both within and without. Priceless.

You could actually assess yourself and empower yourself to communicate clearly and offer what you can and request what you need from your environment. You could go off on a Retreat or Sabbatical or Temporarily stay in another room in the home to monk out, reclude and replenish.

What a blessing!

In conclusion...

There are a bazillion ways that this level of self awareness in general and more specifically self awareness using the tool and science of Astrology is valuable and hence opens us up to infinitely more opportunities, options and possibilities toward Love, Peace and Happiness. And as far as I can tell nothing in the world is more important than that.

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