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Osun: The Queen of New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

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Yeye Osun’s message at the River: “I am the Queen of New Beginnings and Fresh Starts...” 💛👑🌟 Thank you Yeye for your vigilant love and care 💛 Maferefun Osun!




If you don’t even want to be in your life yourself, what makes you think someone else wants to be in there with you?...I didn’t realize that I didn’t want to be left ‘alone’ in my own own creation. Why not? What had I created? Well, there was a lot of unresolved debt and addressed trauma. There were spaces that were just neglected, abandoned, tattered and torn with no plans for repair, reconstruction or replacement. Areas I plain didn’t claim because, ‘that’s not mine, because I didn’t leave that there’ Well Sweety (addressing myself), it’s yours to deal with because you let who ever come in with it and leave it there. Do you want to live with that elephant in the room and try to operate and beautify around it? Or would you like to address any and all that is currently under your charge and create a plan for what is your life NOW? I’m choosing LIFE. And now that I’m in here and doing the work, turns out, this place ain’t so bad after all. I never considered ‘not’ needing someone to rescue me from my own life. Truly this must be the genesis of a NEW LIFE because this one is unrecognizable to me right now. What kind of partnering will be available to me if I’m engaging in it for the joy of it? If I’m not running away from something, from my life or from my own self. This is unexplainable and greater than exciting! Create a beautiful world for yourself...view the world you’ve created differently...why not use all you’ve got to summon a life worth living 💛

I am the Queen of New Beginnings and Fresh Starts”- Yeye Osun


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