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Osun Rising & The Sweet Saint Seeker of Truth

Astrology, Sacred Space and Heartfulness for the New Moon in Sagittarius

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Osun Rising and the Sweet Seeker of Truth

Astrologically Speaking: Sagittarius The Centaur

The New Moon came in at around 3:40am est. today Friday, December 7, 2018. Venus (Osun) in Scorpio (Oya) had just hit the horizon and was rising. (More about that later) Sagittarius is a fire sign. Some of its keywords include: The Saint, Scholar, Warrior, The Guru, The Truth Seeker, The Explorer, Directness, Integrity and Expansiveness. Sag is associated with Travel, Higher Mind and Higher Education, Holy Places, Mountains and Priests, Direct Communication and Physicality. As represented by the Centaur, half human~half horse, Sag has extreme physical power as it aims its arrows of truth directly at its target, with piercing accuracy. Sag is associated with Sexual Virility, treating sex more like a fun sport r exploration than a bonding and penetrative act. Sag is about Knowledge. Either through direct experience or profound study. Sag is ruled by the planet Jupiter which rules the 9th house. Jupiter is the largest of the planets in our Solar System and with its vastness gives Sag great personal expansion and emotional buoyancy. Sag is always looking for the next Adventure or further expansion and elevation of the self. Always exploring new fields of study and going through spiritual rites. Feeling quite at home in temples, on mainaintops and in Sacred Rituals, Sag also loves to immerse herself in Foreign Culture, to broaden her mind and perspectives on the world. Sag’s color is purple and the part of the body it’s associated with is the legs more specifically the thighs.

Transiting Mars Exactly Conjunct Neptune

It is noteworthy that transiting Mars and Neptune are exactly Conjunct. Exact Conjunctions represent powerful (momentary) alignment and alliance. Mars of course is about Action and Passion while Neptune is about the Intangible, the Spiritual, the Feeling. It would seem that these two would have a hard time getting along but there has to be cooperation for this combination to work in the best way. This actually is a great suppport to a Sag New Moon. Together Neptune and Mars are “Focused Spiritulity”, “Compassionate Warriorship”. “a Passionate Monk” etc. These all lend themselves as great qualities that support Sag’s broad and lofty aims.

Venus Rising and the New Moon

As seen in the above image, Venus in Scorpio is rising at the time the New Moon is coming in. This could be said to be a subtle aspect, however in Astrology we certainly give weight to the horizon at a persons time of birth, as in a person’s rising sign (ascendant). It’s also noteworthy when a planet meets that horizon point. So here we have the famed Venus in Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio is The Priestess and Alchemist. The Passionate, Deep Delving Transformer, The Love Goddess. The Warrioress. This is the Rising energy of this Sag New Moon. Can’t you just taste what she brings to this moment? This Sag Moon is Divine And Divinely Accompanied.

Sacred Space Goddess:

For the New Moon

Read. Pray. Explore.

Ideas and Inspiration, Bringing Balance, Beauty and Scaredness to Interiors...Because Every Goddess Deserves a Temple

During this New Moon, we may find ourselves wanting Study or just to be around books, looking at the Travel Channel and or watching Sci-Fi, Occult or Spiritual themed Movies or videos. Do our homes represent our Expandedness? Do we have relics, art and other objects from our own culture and beyond to represent the vastness of who we are as a Soul Force Being and member of the Greater Indigenous Human Family? Do you have a library or a study in your house? A quiet place to read? Sagittarius is about Expanding our Horizons and we can do that through actual travel or reading a book or blog. Sagittarius is about Solitude and Direct communication with God and or our Higher Self (Ori), so this is the time to explore your connection to Spirit. Do you have dialogue with Mother/Father God and/or your Ori? This would be a perfect time to create an alter if you don’t have one already. Your alter is a place in your home, work etc. especially designed for you to contact the Goddess within and without. Your alter is a portal and collects the energy of your prayers and affirmations. You are actually charging the space when you sit there and absolutely the things of the spirit world begin responding. You don’t have to have an alter in order to commune with Spirit, your Ori etc. but it helps to have a focal point given the various distractions of this world and having highly charged objects close by makes resonance and contact easier. Your Spiritual devotion or practice is the perfect way to Expand yourself and travel/explore within.

Heartfulness, Venus Rising and the Sagittarius New Moon

The Sweet Saint Seeker of Spiritual Truth

Venus was rising (crossing the ascendant) at the time this New Moon came in. So we are in a Venus Rising Vibration. Venus(Osun) is about unconditional love, beauty and grace. She is about tact and diplomacy, fertility and art. She is about the joys of life, dancing and lovemaking. She is about purity and cleanliness of mind, body and spirit. She is about grace, fine dining and beautiful garments. She is a protectress of Women. Venus rules Money, a desire to partner or to be social or accompanied. As this New Moon has come in, may we lead with Love and Grace. May we be truth tellers with tact, May we bring consciousness to our partying and may we bring sweetness to our business meetings. May we remember to cooperate. May we put honey in our hearts and on our tongues as we communicate with others. May we devote to the resonance of the love and truth even when it seems inconvenient or scary.

The blend of energies for this New Moon brings me to the Archetype of

The Sweet Saint Seeker of Truth...

Invoke her in your experience


For this New Moon

Invoking the Sweet Saint Seeker of Truth within

May I lead with Love and Grace. May I be a tactful truth teller. May I bring consciousness to my partying and may I bring sweetness to my business meetings. May I remember to cooperate. May i be a Peaceful Explorer, leading with kindness as I seek truth in myself and welcome truth from others. May there be honey in my heart and on my tongue as I communicate. I am Leading my interactions with Love as the primary focus. I am devoting myself to the resonance of love and truth even when it seems inconvenient or scary.

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