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New Service Alert: Establishing your Personal Spiritual Practice Part 1 Ancestor Work

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Contact me for guidance in establishing your personal spiritual practice

Ancestor Work

I will be teaching and guiding my clients in the process of establishing their own personalized spiritual practice and ancestral alter. As a new community Priest in an ancient Indigenous system of Spirituality, I have been gathering the tools needed for my own healing, transformation and awakening as well as learning proper process, protocols and systems in order to provide a clean, consistent and quality product for the public I will serve.
These new services do not require any particular indoctrination into a religion in order for you to fully reap the benefits of having and partaking in them.
You should know that it is primary that you both, get clean and clear (we use Ori rogation or head cleaning which I will discuss in another post) and get properly connected to/ establishing a reliable means of communication with your Exalted Egun (those in your bloodline who lived a life of good character) for Spiritual protection and guidance. This is the fundamental basis for your personal spiritual practice and will make interacting with any other systems or deities more clear and beneficial.
What a great way to begin the year 💛
I am now scheduling for January .
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Hey Ancestor work and learn how to establish a spiritual practice of your own.
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