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Love, laugh and live FULL in your POWER!

A talk for Women on Living in your Power

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A talk for Women, on Living In your Power! By Iya Keturah Pikaki Lei Omisaade-Osunremimo

I had the pleasure of inviting Iya Keturah to speak with the women who took my weekend intensive on Awakening Love. This Iya met and monumentally surpassed my expectations in her presentation. The information she delivered was so timely, precise, expansive and uplifting. In this time off Goddess Renaissance and re- Awakening of the Divine Feminine, we need cleanliness, clarity and a code. We need integrity as we seek to love, laugh, and live and optimally occupy these new (actually Ancient Matriarchal) positions of Power.

On Sunday, May 19th at 2pm, we will be blessed to sit with this seasoned powerful guide once again 🙏🏾

Lite Refreshments served

This is a ticketed event and space is limited... 

cost $25 secure a ”Free” ticket and then Cash App your payment to $AfroGoddess5

Iya Omisayade-Osunremimo or “Iya Keturah” is a qualified and internationally recognized, initiated priest of Orisa in the Yoruba tradition of African spiritual practice and holistic healing sciences. She is also an initiated priest in the Afro-Caribbean traditions of Sanci-Voldoun from Haiti and Palo Kimbiza from the Congo region of Africa. Iya Keturah holds a chieftaincy title from the Association of Olosun of Lagos State, Nigeria, is a member of the Ogboni Aborigine Fraternity, and an Apetibi to Ifa of Ile Odun Ala of Westbury NY. Iya Keturah has over 16 years of dedicated service to preserving traditional african spiritual culture and is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church since 2014.

Her Ile is located in Baltimore city and will be open to the community in the fall of 2016 offering a wide range of spiritual, educational and professional services for children and adults, ranging from baptisms,weddings and healing work to natural salon services, cooking classes and special events.

Iya Keturah is available for private consultation by appt and can be reached at 410-756-0115 or by email at

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