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Love and Boundaries

On the road to Personal Power

· Women's Empowerment,HeartfulLove Goddess

It's Funny, cuz it's True...

Did you have robust belly laughter of recognition while watching this? I know I did. They were truly strumming my pains here. In society women especially are often groomed for compromise. Having our earliest cues ignored so often that we then start to ignore them ourselves. We forget who we are as valuable unique entitis and then begins the blending into the identities of others, especially Men. Being Loving does not mean you have to be a doormat. As a matter of fact, its not Loving to allow someone to take advantage of or to do whatever they want to do with you. It's instead Loving to set clear boundaries and to be responsible for your own happiness. We need people in our lives that we can share our flaws with who will accept us unconditionally. They can help us see ourselves as we indulge in people pleasing habits and behaviors, so that we can hopefully chose differently. In the video, the "woman" kept setting limits and then allowing them to be dissolved or ignored. We do these things out of fear and emptiness and even glorify them. I can certainly relate to this pattern of behavior, and now that I am more practiced at giving and receiving unconditional Love, I find myself honoring my right for Peace and Happiness much more...

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