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Astrology, Sacred Space and Heartfulness for the Libra New Moon

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Be clear and clean in thought word and deed.

Create a Life that YOU want to live in.

“I am the Queen of New Beginnings and Fresh Starts” - Yeye Osun

These are the messages I’ve been receiving in the wake of this Goddess Osun Libra New Moon, now let’s take a look through the lens of Astrology, a Sacred Space and Heartfulness 🙏🏾

Astrologically speaking

Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus (Osun). Libra is known for sociability and diplomacy, its quest for balance and attention to art and fashion (aesthetics). Generally speaking, New Moons can be a quiet time. The Sun and Moon are in the same sign so there is a realtive lack of tension between them. Meaning that our inner and outer worlds are in natural harmony with one another. Even as I sit here and write, my ( relatively busy, urban) neighborhood is more quiet and there is a sweet gentle breeze (maferefun Yansa Oya) blowing through my window, reflecting the quiet and peace inside my home temple. We can always see that what is happening above is reflected below and so as with within and without. Libra wants to have a delicious meal with a lover, loved ones or friends in a beautiful setting while having light enjoyable conversation. This is the perfect time to create this experience.

In Astrology, we look to planetary rulership to expand and deepen our understanding of the influences involved. Considering that Libra is rules by Venus and that currently Venus is in the sign of Scorpio (Oya) we can deduce that this adds much power and allure to this particular New Moon. Because the energy of Pluto/ Scorpio/ Oya is having a direct influence. We may find ourselves feeling more sensual and serious yet more gregarious and playful than usual with this blend of energies.

Venus Retrograde

As Libra’s planetary ruler, Venus is currently in retrograde, this is certainly worth mentioning. Assuming that by now, my readership is familiar with the term retrograde and it’s definition, this retrograde in particular points to women, love and money as they are ruled by Venus. A retrograde period is not a death sentence and doesn’t have to be surrounded by fear and gloom and doom.

Since the planet is moving backwards, we can take advantage of this by addressing matters that began in the past surrounding Venus ruled areas of life. Do you have unresolved debt? Make a list of your debts and a plan to resolve them. Call and make pay arrangements. Don’t try to “make new money” during this time. Do you have an apology to make to a lover or woman family member or friend? Maybe, make a step toward Attunement, even if it wasn’t really “your fault”. This timing supports these kinds of actions. Don’t worry, if you do not actively seek to resolve these things, God (the Universe etc) will set up circumstances to facilitate this. Better to embrace the energy and be proactive, Yes?

Sacred Space

Sweeten your Home with Scent 💛

When you walk into your Home temple, does it smell sweet? Are you greeted with smells that encourage relaxation and help you feel relieved to be at home? If not, here are some suggestions.

1.) Walk in Sweetness

Scent your floors. Did you ever consider that if you drizzle or splash essential oils on your floor, that then when you walk on them, you’ll be kicking up deliciousness? Whether you have hard wood flooring or carpet, this works.

2.) Sweet Smoke

Of course you know how delicious and calming it is to burn incense. Make sure to use high quality incense and keep your burners free of debris. I recommend using a more robust, spicy or masculine incense for clearing at least once a week.  There are smudge sticks of sage and sweet grass as well as frankincense and coral resins. Use sweet scents as often as you like and pay attention to how different aromas make you feel.

3.) Sweet Warm Oil

We get the yumminess of sweet warm oil aromas from using high quality scented candles and burning essential oils and resins in a tea light Oil burner. Be sure to use water, beeswax or a natural oil with a relatively high burn temperature.

4.) Cool Sweet Mist

You can put purified water into a spray bottle and add a few drops of the essential oil of your choice. Add a few sprinkles of sea salt to purify the air by adding negative ions. Use this spray on your drapes and linens or just in the air.

There is no way that with these few practices, your home will not smell like heaven when you walk through the door. May your home be the temple of comfort and serenity it longs to be for you💛

Honey Heartfulness

Excerpted from my Blog Post Yeye Oshun: Queen of New Beginnings and Fresh Starts


If you don’t even want to be in your life yourself, what makes you think someone else wants to be in there with you?...I didn’t realize that I didn’t want to be left ‘alone’ in my own own creation. Why not? What had I created? Well, there was a lot of unresolved debt and addressed trauma. There were spaces that were just neglected, abandoned, tattered and torn with no plans for repair, reconstruction or replacement. Areas I plain didn’t claim because, ‘that’s not mine, because I didn’t leave that there’ Well Sweetie (addressing myself), it’s yours to deal with because you let who ever come in with it and leave it there. Do you want to live with that elephant in the room and try to operate and beautify around it? Or would you like to address any and all that is currently under your charge and create a plan for what is your life NOW? I’m choosing LIFE. And now that I’m in here and doing the work, turns out, this place ain’t so bad after all. I never considered ‘not’ needing someone to rescue me from my own life. Truly this must be the genesis of a NEW LIFE because this one is unrecognizable to me right now. What kind of partnering will be available to me if I’m engaging in it for the joy of it? If I’m not running away from something, from my life or from my own self. This is unexplainable and greater than exciting! Create a beautiful world for yourself...view the world you’ve created differently...why not use all you’ve got to summon a life worth living 💛

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