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Upcoming Major Goddess Portal

Jupiter Conjunct Venus in Scorpio

· AstroGoddess

Get your Candles, Crystals and Cauldrons and let’s get it! This is a Super Goddess Celestial Event💛 Gather and Ritual at this exact time or up until Monday at 3:50pm...We can bring down the Heavens in a strong strong way as a Collective, in general and especially as Women 💛💖💜💙💚❤️💜💖💛 Major, Major, Major!!! For Attracting and Manifesting, Money, Relationships, Spiritual transformation and Soul Growth, Healing Sexual Trauma and Womans' Empowerment

Jupiter Conjunct Venus in Scorpio asks: Forget what’s out there...What are you Conjuring? Of all of the abundant possibilities, what is your vibration setting up to attract? This combination is Epicly Benevolent!!! Love, Money, Abundance, Alchemy, Tantric Explosion, Juicy Esoteric connection💖 and more! Jupiter and Venus are currently traveling together through the sign of Scorpio. This aspect will be exact (meaning they will touch or be at the exact same degree) on November 12th at 10:07pm until Monday 3:50 pm EST...but you don’t have to wait until then to start aligning and vibrating in preparation for this Juicy Portal to come...stay tuned 💛💖❤️💜💚💙💛💜💙#afrogoddess #astrology #currenttransits #jupiterinscorpio #jupiterconjunctvenus #venusinscorpio #zodiac #scorpio #venus #astro #afrogoddessmagick #chartreadings #astrologyreadings #womanastrologer #astrofem

Goddess Portal Ritual

3 candles one white one black one pink
You put black on the left, pink in the middle, white on the right representing past present future.
Under black candle put what you want to release and under other two what you want to bring in.
If no black candle then just pink and white but still make statement of release to make room for the new
Black candle can be substitute by purple

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