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Intro to Mind~Body~Swag: A Goddess Lifestyle Blog

The Making of a Blog

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a Goddess Lifestyle Blog


Welcome to my Journey 🌼... I am so nervous about this part of my path but I’m ready for it. Sharing my thoughts, feelings, experiences, triumphs, defeats, studies and passions in real time is kind of exciting. Well for sure, I want to have lots and lots of amazing content on my website and heavens knows I have 100 ideas a day, lots of energy and interests and alot to say...So I might as well put all of that to good use 😉. I’m still learning about blogging in an experiential sort of way, as I have not (as yet) actually called upon the expertise of ‘those who know’... (Reluctantly 🙄) I probably will do that but sometimes (often, lol) I like to just explore on my own (Capricorn Sun, Sag North Node) even if it means making some mistakes and learning from them. I guess I’ve always preferred to “Own my own Process”...I do however acknowledge the benefit of having a ‘guide’ along the way. Someone who has gone the road before and learned a few things along the way 😉. Okay fine, I’ll research effective blogging techniques etc. cuz Why Not? I just want to make sure that I’m remaining authentic in my writership. I can imagine that all the good techniques in the world may not help make a successful blog if the spirit of the writer is vacant in the words and the content is uninteresting. Lol...Kind of like, when I was in School for Medical Massage Therapy. We were taught techniques; and that’s great and prudent 👍🏽. But you can’t give someone “a Touch” ie the ability to lay hands on and connect with another in a way that is soothing and therapeutic...Anyway, I can imagine that such is the case with anything including blogging/writing.

~I’ve always preferred to own my own Process.~

I am finding that I am most inspired to write upon rising. I have a few rituals and practices that I do upon rising, but I find sometimes that I have to get the inspirations and thoughts out of my head before I can move on to other things. But then, conversely sometimes I won’t be able to fully relax and write until I have satisfied certain devotions. It’s true that sometimes I can really sprawl out into my writing and creating, when I know Spirtual and Home Temple devotions have been satisfied. Maybe I’ll jot down some notes upon rising if need be or leave myself voice memos and then come back to them when I’m ready to be fully present with writing.

~So here we are with a cute, trendy yet timeless container and backdrop for my purpose work.~

Sidebar: As my Readership, you should know that it just occurred to me that part of why I have not been blogging consistently is that I didn’t have a cute name for my blog. Just so you know who you’re dealing with here. Mind~Body~Swag: a Goddess Lifestyle Blog! This came to me upon rising today! I love it so much. It really communicates my Indigenous Healing yet Global Fashionista tendencies. Ahhhh I feel so complete, so gotten in this wording. I mean, I’d rather be in a healing nature zen scenario, learning and/or facilitating while wearing beautiful colorful Traditional Indigenous Inspired garments from my Native, Kenyan and Indian Peoples. That sounds divine to me. So here we are with a cute, trendy yet timeless (Capricorn Sun, Gemini Moon) container and backdrop to my pupose work. Yay! Everybody wins! We winnin! This blog gives me the room to be and share ALL of who I am. It would be soooo exhausting pretending I didn’t care about my personal style and home decor as much as I do. Likewise to be in a world all about Fashion and Home Decor would be empty for me without sprinkles of the things of Mind~Body~Spirit. This is the perfect expression of my wholeness.

~It would be soooo exhausting pretending I didn’t care about personal style and home decor as much as I do.~

What’s trending?

Jupiter~Herbs~Incese Oh My!

That was a long sidebar lol...Anyway right now, I am way into a few things as usual. For the last few days, while on my cycle, I’ve been way into Rose Incence. I needed it. I bought 2 different brands that I like (Triloka and Blue Pearl) and I burned the whole two packs in 5 days. Also I was drinking Red Raspberry Tea (the actual leaves) with honey each day. Also I have been having lucid dreams and super inspired ideas 💡...I am mostly attributing that to not only the past Full Moon but the Sun (in Sag) conjuct Jupiter transit. I would say more but I’ll save it for the Sag New Moon on Friday...Btw are you coming to my Virtual New Moon Goddess Gathering this Friday, Dec. 7th at 9:55pm EST? Anyway, so yes! Lots of ideas and dreaming and I renovated my website...I spent 12 hours doing that the first day I started , whewww...But I really enjoy it so.... So as of yesterday, as my cycle is waning, I’m way into Jasmine. So I went and got some Jasmine Incense and some oil for burning 😌 (see medicinal benefits of Jasmine below)... my soul is so soothed. Oh and now I’m on to Ginger tea with honey using the actual root 😉 (warming and soothing to the womb and digestive tract) . I hope that you let yourself flow freely toward what you find yourself desiring and toward what you can feel will soothe your soul 🙏🏾 Soon, I will be carrying Incense, Herbs and Honey amongst many other delights for Goddess Living, in my shop. Up Next: Amanda Seales~Purpose Work~Trusting Your Dopeness🌟...Until next time🦋

~I hope that you let yourself flow freely toward what you find yourself desiring and toward what you feel will soothe your Soul.~

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