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“The majority of religious mythology was influenced by astrology; was it any wonder man sought out guidance from the heavens.” Excerpted from West Africa’s Orisha and Astrology...These are two of my favorite crafts, IFA Divination And Astro- Divination (aka Astrology Readings)...scientific systems of indigenous spiritual divination toward self disc(un) -covery and mastery as well as soul purpose actualization through knowledge and awareness of ones connection to nature and the heavens using archetypal representations...It’s true that I have received IFA Divination that 100% lined up with my own Astro- Divination. Energy is ENERGY.

Stay tuned as I plan to continue to write, share about and explore the correlations between IFA Divination and Astro-Divination and really any and all correlations between the Indigenous Systems Of Spirituality. But for now, please enjoy this well written article from www.ileifa.org

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