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How to Meditate: Come as you are 🙏🏾

You don’t have to be still and quiet (at first)

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My whole life just began yesterday, because yesterday is the first time I’ve ever heard Hare Krishna (the chant) by MotherGoddess #AliceColtrane!!! This is the funkiest soul church tambourine chanting I have ever heard! This Mama, I swear...I feel her💛

“ I don’t know how to Meditate 😩” , if I had a dollar for every time I heard this! Right, I get it. Meditation seems so lofty and a little foreign to us. “Come as you are, but don’t stay that way...” as they say in church, can apply to meditation as well.

For people who feel like they can’t meditate, you can actively do something repetitive (like sing, chant, swing, spin, dance etc.) that can put you in a meditative place. You will naturally feel ‘tired’ afterwards, the body and mind have exhausted themselves and are ready to surrender and from this place you can be in (real) stillness. You are ready for messages from the Inner and Outer Divine. Some of us need to actively engage the busy- ness of the body and mind as we invite and coerce them to slow down 🙏🏾 It is not necessary to struggle and try so hard. Find a practice that works for you and devote to it 💛. In time, with practice, quiet and stillness of Mind and Body will become easier and easier. You’re awareness will sharpen and your experience will deepen. The fact that you read this post means you are ready to make a step. Keep going, you’re doing Great!!!





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Yoga can help with Meditation

Yoginis practice stillness and discipline for themselves and they invite people into the environment of sacredness within using the breath and body...that’s so beautiful... I just love even the word Yogini! I’m gonna be a Yogini for Halloween and an actual one Soon 🙏🏾💛👑 #yoginisrock

Follow some Yoginis I know

Iya ‘Keny Moon’ Osunremilekun

Nilajah Brown (YogiNilajah)

Iya ‘Naomi Boston’ Osunbola

Zoha Harpe

Dee Satterfield

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