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Monk Time March Part 1

How to love and live with Saturn

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A series on Saturn?

I did not see this coming. I had no idea that there was so much to say about my old friend. Alas, as i sat down to write, all of these aspects, concepts, experiences, keywords etc. starting flowing like a river from my pen. So instead of writing a long post/ article, i have decided to break this down into bite size chunks. Saturn keywords are in red. i hope you in-joy.

My Current (Saturn) situation

1.) I'm a Capricorn, the Sign ruled by Saturn.

2.) My natal (birth) Saturn is exalted in the 10th house (the house he rules)

3.) Transiting Satun is conjunct my natal Sun

4.) My natal Capricorn Sun is in Cancer's house and that Sun's ruler (Saturn) is in the sign of Cancer (i will address the nuances of this later)

What does all of this mean? Well certainly as a Sun sign ruled by Saturn person, I'm no stranger to its energy. Even still, my current brush with the Taskmaster has been no mean feat.

Saturn is heavy and serious

People who are ruled by Saturn or having a brush with its energy, may be asked to smile by strangers on the street. Or asked "what's wrong?" by loved ones and friends. Nothing is wrong, and we're not sad, we're just being; and that absence of apparent glee just so happens to look like a resting bitch face. We are indeed preoccupied with planning our next acquisition or merger, balancing our "checkbook" or wondering if we sent out an email that was on our to do list. Saturn is not about small talk, petty differences or trivial matters. Its about the task or project at hand. What is the bottom line? As a result, I am not feeling as jovial as i usually feel. I'm rather neutral. Even even. I mostly concern myself with what is essential. I still have all of my juicy whimsy tendencies and practices but there is a certain enhanced orderliness with which i approach them. I am largely focused on Security in terms of Finances, Career and Future yields from Investments. Welcome to my Boardroom.

Saturn's energy and influence is literally heavy/ dense, and can evidence itself in the physical world as things breaking or cracking. I have had at least 3 "random" incidences resulting in a glass or ceramic item breaking including the windshield of my car.

Saturn The Reckoner

Wherever Saturn is, all that has been laid down will be tested. How strong is the foundation? Were the proper precautions taken prior to building? Is everything up to code with proper permits and licensed work? So with Saturn touching my Soul/Self (Sun) and traveling through my Home/ Inner world/ Early upbringing (4th House), my tasks and examinations have been personal and intimate. The answer to many of Saturn's questions regarding my home would be no. So, right on schedule, some structural things are breaking down in order for me to see their weakness in order to build a more sound foundation. It's actually a blessing. Le sigh

Cosmologically speaking

*Sixth planet from the Sun

*Second largest in the Solar System

*Orbit around the Sun is 29 1/2years

*Massive Gas Giant with an Iron-nickel core

*Large, highly visible rings composed of ice, rock and dust

*62 known moons

*named after the roman god of agriculture; its astronomical symbol represents the god's sickle

Master Yoda: My favorite Saturn Archetype

Please understand that Yoda is the sum total embodiment of the Saturn Archetype. Oh my goodness...i have so much to say about Yoda! Ok where do i start? How do i organize this content. Categories? Alphabetically? This is so exciting! Ok, so...

Yoda is Patient and Wise

Everyone knows that Yoda moves slowly. He is old and walks with a cane. He talks slowly. He is Patient and Wise and waists no energy, physically nor mentally. He stores his energy until the use of it is absolutely necessary, and then, he strikes without hesitation, with the might of a titan, the vitality of monk in his prime and the precision of a laser. Only when necessary does he display his Mastery. He has nothing to prove to anyone. and is unconcerned with appearances.

More to come...

What’s Saturn doing in your world?

If you're not sure, have a quick Saturn reading with me 😉

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