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How to Love and Avoid Arguments with your Partner

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100% of Arguments in Relationships are Unecessary

What an assertion I have made here. This is ofcourse a made up statistic that I believe is probably true. First of all, let us define an argument.

Wiki Defines an Argument as: In philosophy and logic, an argument is a series of statements typically used to persuade someone of something or to present reasons for accepting a conclusion.[1][2] The general form of an argument in a natural language is that of premises (typically in the form of propositionsstatements or sentences) in support of a claim: the conclusion.[

So, in an argument one has the "intention" of "persuading" someone of something or to present reasons for accepting a conclusion. Hmm...Why, in Love, would persuasion be necessary? Love does not coerce. Let's look at a real life example...

Terrence and Khadijah are about to go out to dinner, when Khadijah asks "Honey, when we're out tonight, will you open and close the doors for me? I have been doing a lot of wrangling and such at the office and I just want to feel like I'm a Queen, a tender, delicate, yet Strong Queen"...Terrence replies as he reaches out to hug her..."Aww Baby, ofcourse I will...I've been pretty bogged down with projects at work, have I been neglecting my Baby?"

Khadijah could have accused Terrence of neglecting her, but instead she asked for what she wanted. Terrence could have taken offense to her request and taken no responsibility for his recent preoccupation with work. But neither did and what would have escalated into an inflamed argument was avoided and a deeper sense of love and affinity was experienced. While in his arms, she realized that what she needed after all was to feel Loved, and once she did...she said "Right in this moment, I don't even care about doors" and they laughed

How do You avoid Arguments with your partner?

Look for where you can be responsible for your own feelings and or actions. Care more about your partner feeling Loved, than you do about defending yourself or being right.

Being Loving and Feeling Loved are habits.

They are muscles for Us to strengthen...Practice resisting the urge to attack your partner verbally or to defend yourself. Practice, Practice, Practice...Each time you stop the habitual and do something else...You Win! You'll feel more and more Loved and Loving and no matter the Game, Love is always the Winner 😉

There is much more that can be said about this snippet...Let's talk about it...Discussion below💖

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