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How simply not talking can relieve worry, stress and anxiety

The Urban Silent Retreat

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I am observing Silence until Sunset today.

I had a bit of a rough day yesterday and the day before. From, my website suddenly being deactivated, to people who owe me money not paying up, to not properly nourishing myself etc. I awakened today feeling a little anxious. I lie there thinking of my to do list; that was overwhelming.

Then I started contemplating what methods I would employ to change up this energy I was feeling. I decided that I would pray, do a spiritual bath, do my hair and finish creating some pieces for an order. When I actually stood up, I decided to smudge the house while praying. When I was done I sat in my studio and THE thought hit me! I WILL OBSERVE SILENCE TODAY! Of all of the thoughts and actions I’d considered, this one lit me up the most. I was already beginning to feel lighter and even enlivened at the thought of in-joying some quiet inside.

See a few years ago, I awakened one day and I felt maximally tumultuous inside. Something told me to just go silent. I messaged folks to let them know what I was doing that day. I went about my daily life, on the bus at that time, seeing customers and clients. I simply smiled and wrote notes to people I dealt with. The peace inside was palpable. People treated me as if I was a sweet innocent baby or an Angel and that's how i felt. It was sooo Interesting. My thoughts slowed down, cleared up and sweetened just by virtue of not talking, not thinking of the next thing I was going to say. It was as if I was on a Mountaintop retreat though I was in the busy metropolitan streets. i was doing a moving/living/active meditation I observed silence for about 70hours that time. I was a little sad when it was time to speak again. But my inner being is always there and ready to welcome me back to commune. And so the Urban Silent Retreat was born. Today I will observe silence until Sunset.

I will still do the other practices that came to me upon rising, however i will do them in complete silence. This is Practical Magick/ Mysticism! We can use what we have to effect first and foremost our own vibration! I plan to go somewhere in nature to watch the Sunset as i conclude this Urban Silent Retreat for today. Want to join me?

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