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Happiness, Style and Purple Honey

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Getting ‘props’ from other Women of Color... Issa big deal

The Amazingly talented and beautiful @aprilsampe and some other beautiful Mama stood together and doted over me last night ☺️ so I thought I’d share the details of my look ❤️ Thanks for making me feel special and fabulous y’all 🤗 ...

✨The Look 👀✨

AfroGoddess Fashion

I was wearing a very regular T that I cut and tied in the back...a layered wooden beaded necklace (from a consignment shop), an A-line Ghanaian Wrapskirt, a Sea Blue scarf made in India (as a sash), Indian Palace pants (underneath), natural deep lip color by @monavemakeup and of course my one of a kind handmade #BatikEgungunDollEardangles...I did my own haircut and color...

✨Batik Egungun Dolls✨

Fabric Earring design I created in 2014

AfroGoddess Batik Egungun Doll Eardangle

✨Happy Ori✨

I was also wearing a happy Ori especially because I was there selling my wears, I was comforted because my little Sister @aleeshakeyz was there with me, I’m always wearing the love of my Ancestors and Shrines (Yansa Oya 💜, Ore Yeye Osun 💛)

Happy AfroGoddess

I was there seeing @erro44 which er’body who knows me knows issa a whole world with my appreciation for this brother and his music, I was there seeing my @mumufresh who I have deeply adored from first meeting her when she was a very young girl (and her Mommy) 🙏🏾, @comedianlarrylancaster always makes my side hurt as I’m doubled over with laughter and the Purple Honey Family ALWAYS treats me like family and takes good care of me (@krystlekrystleestbrown @purplehoneyconcertseries 😉🤗) I was actually “wearing” a lot...but back to what you can buy 😂, I sell most of the components of this look at my me for an appointment 😉

✨Selling my wears at the show✨

Selling AfroGoddess Adornments

✨Erro Band Members✨

✨Make an Appointment to visit the Shop✨

AfroGoddess Boutique

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