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🌟”Gurl, Get You an Astrologer”🌟

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🌟Astrology is Ancient, Indigenous and Time Tested🌟

Astrology is time tested as an amazing tool for Self Discovery, Mastery and Actualization. However, until you can interpret “ the Stars” for yourself, it is wise and prudent to have An Astrologer on your “Team”. Astrology is as Indigenous as anything and dating back to Ancient times, people have been interpreting Astrological phenomena as well as seeking out people who do so . An Astrologer can act as a Guide along your path until you can interpret the path Astrologically on your own; which for some people may or may not be within this lifetime. It’s true that there are certain Natal (born with) inclinations that predispose some to be more naturally inclined toward and gifted at Astrological Interpretation. However, just as with any tool, practice, trade or process; it can be taught. You do not have to be subject to being a client of anyone for your whole life as you can chose to take up study and gain mastery yourself. However until such a time, enlisting the expertise of an Astrologer would seem wise.

A gifted Astrologer will assist you in seeing and unlocking what is hidden in your chart (self). You’re responsibility as a sentient being, a Soul inhabiting a Human temple, is to know thyself and walk your path with grace and joy and to learn how read the signs when/if you are off your path. After all it’s YOUR SOUL PATH. That’s why we hire professionals to either do what we are not yet able to do for ourselves or to guide us from a more Experienced or knowledgeable place.

Your Astrologer, like your Accountant, your Therapist etc. 💛🌙🌟

As a guide, your Astrologer will always have fresh and deeper perspectives throughout your life, However at some point, your consultations with her will evolve more into conversations than consultations. Where you are engaged and have been seeing and studying some things for yourself and are bringing knowledge, awakenings and insights of your own to the table. It’s a good idea to see or consult with your Astrologer at least twice per year. Also if you have children or are planning to, having an Astrologer who knows the family Cosmically ie Soul Wise, is paramount and prudent. This will definitely assist you in navigating harmless/ Joyful parenthood. After all you put yourself (or are planning to) in the position to “ Incarnate an entire being!” WOW! What an enormous gift and responsibility. I hope you will get everything you need to be awesome at that 🙏🏾

When I first heard a Sistah say

“My Astrologer...” 🦋

Over 10 years ago, My Sistahfriend (fellow Cap and Super talented creative Valencia of @nicholasjamescollection on IG) and I were in my kitchen chatting. Somewhere within the conversation she said, “My Astrologer...” and then some other things that I didn’t hear because I was stuck on My Astrologer. I asked her more and she gave me a referral. The rest is sheer Herstory who knew I would later go on to actually be an Astrologer. She has always been so hip and Vogue and she actually went on to become a Fashion Designer. Anyway it’s not only Vogue to have an Astrologer, but it’s a necessary component to Goddess Living. Sistah Gurl, Know Thyself and find good folks you can trust for your Team.

~You are not a passenger on the ride of life; You are the Captain of your ship...Especially as a Woman and further more an Indigenous Woman, these “Mysteries are really what’s hidden deep inside of you~

You are not a passenger on the ride of Life; you are the Captain of your ship...Especially as a Woman and further more an Indigenous Woman, these “Mysteries” are really what’s hidden deep inside of you. These Arts and Sciences and their Joyful mastery are your natural birthright. Astrology is one of many tools to serve you as you make your way back to your Natural Glory 🌟 (not about ego) Any gurus and professionals you enlist are on “Your Team” and at “Your Service”. How may I be of service? 🙏🏾

Consider hiring a Personal/ Family Astrologer🦋

You’re thinking about it 🤔 Wanna Date first?

If your thinking about it but not quite ready to commit to having an Astrologer for Life, you could start out by ‘Dating’. Lol... Seriously though, have a Birth Chart reading with someone and see how you feel. Did you feel comfortable? Did you feel seen and accepted? Do you feel like you want to see her again? Would you want to have Chai with her? If not then try someone else until you find someone you want to stick with and see a few times a year. You’ll be glad you did. 😉

For more Info and To Book a Session with me, click on the image below 🌟

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