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Goddess Sip and Sing was a Sucess!

We’re doin it again on April 11th

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✨We Activated our Heart and Throat Chakras and made ourselves “Portals” for sweetness and peace, We left with our hearts full of Honey

Sistahs arrived and had yummy snacks ☺️

I prepared fresh strawberries with honey, seasoned popcorn, fresh “Feva Grass” tea and Alkaline Pinapple-ade...and we had donut bites.

Goddess Sip and Sing

We sipped Traditional Medicinal Indigenous Fresh “FevaGrass“ Tea as it is called by the Garifuna (AfroIndigenous Peoples) of Belize. Feva Grass aka Lemongrass aka Citronela is an Osun Herb and amongst many healing properties is anti-fungal and antiviral. The Garifuna wake up in the morning and pick it and tie the tall branches into a knot and boil it. By the time everyone rises the tea is ready for each and everyone to have a healing cup. Fever Grass is strangely and deliciously naturally sweet ✨💛✨#ReclaimingourWiseWays

It’s natural for Indigenous People to gather and ceremoniosly sip medicines, pray, dance, chant and share. We did all of those things; it was Absolutely PERFECT! (Perfect: lacking no essential quality)

I loved the love and positive energy we shared. - Jackie Red Afrolocs

We did Homatherapy

Homa Fire

We did a Homa Fire🔥! I shared the story that from a small child, I would hear chanting coming from my Auntie Titi’s attic, there was also chanting and a wierd smell. As an an adult I asked her what that was and even shared with her the chant as I rememebered from 18+ years earlier. She was amazed that I remembered in so much detail. Well one of the Mamas who was also in that attic on occasion was Maria Broom, who was my first dance teacher, teaching Indian Classical Mudras at age 5 which also stuck with me 😉 How Divine ✨what a rich village we have 🙏🏾...Since she is the founder of Singing Circle as I know it and has taken the time to document about Agnihotra, I thought it to be fitting to share Mama Maria’s offering on the Homa fire. #ReclaimingOurWiseWays

We Sang our Hearts Out!!!

Some songs included:

“All and All”~ Joyce Simms

“Heaven”~ Bebe and Cece

“Back down memory lane”~Minnie Ripperton

“I’m Every Woman”~ Whitney Houston

“The Boss”~Diana Ross

This was beyond beautiful, warm, cathartic, EVERYTHING!!! I can’t wait to do this again... - Delanie Bryan

Sistah Singing Circle/ Goddess Sip and Sing

Background story of “Singing Circle”

I learned of Singing Circle years ago from Goddess Mama Maria Broom. She started gathering women on Thursdays to sing together. It was soo powerful. I would attend weekly, but after a while going all the way to the county became burdensome, so I asked her if it would be ok if I started one in the city and she said yes ofcourse. I then held a few myself and followed the blueprint she modeled. I love legacy and tradition. Anyway she taught us that in her world travels she learned that it’s very powerful for women to gather and sing especially on Thursday. It raises the planetary vibration exponentially. So here we are.
I will name my offering, “Goddess Sip and Sing” ...Please join me as we sing Uplifting LOVE songs together, sip healing teas and practice our Resting Squat Pose to enliven our wombs 🙏🏾...We are going to sing ourselves into sweetness and bliss. Get ready to shift. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a serious undercover DJ, so ofcourse I’ll be providing the music and trust me you‘ll lobe it. Feel free to drop requests and as long as at least 3 other women like it, I’ll work it into the playlist . Bring a pillow 🧡

April 11ths Gathering

✨Goddess Sip and Sing✨

We sipped Sorrel 🌷

We practiced a “Squat Flow” I created a few months ago

✨We chanted Hare Krishna✨

✨We chanted Namyohorengenkyo✨

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