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Sensual Goddess Awakening

Goddess Awakenings 2019

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Goddess Awakenings✨

a collaboration of AfroGoddess and A Space for Black Women

~Sensual Goddess Awakening Retreat~

Journey with us in a Holistic and Juicy Exploration of Sacred Feminine Sensuality. We are defining an Indigenous Matriarchal model of our Feminine Sensuality free of harmful and unhealthy Patriarchal and Western Paradigms and Objectification. We are ready to Experience our sexuality as part of our whole selves, to explore how our nature has been suppressed and adulterated, to address those internal and external barriers and to release and heal and live joyously. We will arise Empowered as the Goddess who lives to redeem and re- awaken the purpose we were born to fulfill. 💛 *Guided Meditation

*Discussions to explore the depths of our Sensual Self

*Discover your Astrological Goddess Soul Path

*Sacred Sensual Movement with Thandiwe Zulu aka @ganjakitttty

*Delicious Vegan Treats

*Goddess Marketplace

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