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Global Goddess Collective

UpcomingEvent: First Swap!

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Okay Beloveds! It’s time to start putting those crafts, decorative items, Goddess goods,,gift certificates and unused beads, fabrics and novelties together! We’re going to have our first Goddess Swap where our wears and services are our currency 💴!!! No money exchange required! This is a bit of a jurered event, in that Global Goddess Collective will need to approve what you’re bringing to barter/trade ....We’re looking for New and/ or gently used Ethnic/ Indigenous clothing, Indigenous fabrics, Candles, crystals, art, decorative, home furnishings, Services (including healing, administrative, photography etc)...Feel free to post pics of what you’re bringing to swap and maybe even a wish list 🤔...stay tuned for more info

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