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Gemini Season, New Moon Ritual & Envisionings

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Astrologically Speaking

The Sun enters Gemini

The Sun entered Gemini at 9:49pm EST on Wednesday, May 20th. We are shifting from Venus ruled, determined, luxury loving Taurus and entering Mercury ruled, energetic, communicative, logical Gemini. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and its element is air. Gemini is represented by the twins and its natives are seen as complicated due to their dual nature. Some key terms for Gemini are Intellect, Information and Activity. Gemini correlates with Esu and Ibeji in the African Orisha Pantheon. (I will say more about this in another post)

The Essence of Gemini

As a mutable sign that is exquisitely sensitive to thought forms, Gemini natives (including those with Sun, Moon, Venus or Rising in Gemini) are telepathic as in can read minds and feel thoughts. This of course can be a gift and a curse as they have to process or ward off others thoughts while seeking to decipher their own. As a result, they can easily become overstimulated. Their mental field and its penetrability actually has their physical body/ nervous system be highly sensitive and almost buzzing. This "buzzing" is highly sensitive to frequency and they can easily experience "static" in their field which can be felt internally as anxiety as they appear externally irritable. They are merely sorting through all of the information they are constantly processing. For these reasons, it is important for Geminis to monitor their stimulation levels and take time to soothe their minds; meditation mantras, listening to or playing music, dancing, singing or doing puzzles can help them do this. I chose to go into great detail about this as I don't hear of this perspective often and so I wanted to offer some understanding and compassion to this often misunderstood sign.

Dear Geminis, I know you prefer the rational and logical but your sensitivity and hence your gifts are more complex than the rational mind can process. You are exceptional in your own right, Accept this!

Dear Everyone Else, Please understand that we are all passing through the Gemini realm of our own nature, so we'll be coming into contact with this energy and these traits in others as well as within our selves. Awareness is key! Have fun with this.

The New Moon In Gemini

The New Moon in Gemini comes in on Friday, May 22nd at 1:38pm EST. With both the Sun and Moon in this fun, energetic and social sign we can expect a drive to interact. We will want to be engaged in lite interactions that feed and satisfy our curiosity and desire to partner. This partnering that Gemini enjoys is not really or necessarily romantic (or deep, or lasting) as much as it likes to share mental affinity. It's about finding a playmate who wants to engage in activities or whom one can learn from. Mercury, Gemini's Planetary ruler, is in its own sign of Gemini which exponentiates this energy. Venus (Goddess Osun) forms an exact conjunction with Mercury which will add benevolence to this New Moon Cycle and Gemini Season in general. For this reason, this particular New Moon/ Solar Cycle is an excellent window of time to take on speaking engagements, write and blog or book or a love letter as your words are more likely to bring warmth and good feelings to others which will in effect bring you favor and/or prosperity. While Venus brings beauty, financial abundance and sweetness to what she touches, she also has strict standards about being loving and kind. This New Moon Combination provides a great window of opportunity to examine and purify the world of communication. What do we use words to communicate? How do we use language?

Crystal Healing for this New Moon

Citrine is a crystal that corresponds with both Gemini and Venus/ Osun so she is my choice to recommend working with to maximize and harmonize with this particular New Moon.

"It is one of two minerals on the planet which does not hold and accumulate negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it, working out problems on both the physical and subtle levels. It hence never needs clearing and cleansing."~ ​Love is in the Earth by Melody

New Moon Envisioning:

Ritual and Heartfulness for this New Moon

Let me preface the upcoming Ritual Envisioning by sharing that I had the opportunity to share Astrological insights with a group of community members last night and it helped me birth a most precise language that I will begin using with respect to my personally practiced and offered Lunar Rituals. Find my message to that group below...

" I wanted to share with you all that I grappled with the terms intention, affirmation etc. I still felt that “Intention” was a little masculine as well. After research and much contemplation, I concluded that the term I will use is “New Moon Envisioning” as in to visualize or imagine as possible. I’m using “Envisioning” as a noun even though it is not usually used that way. So that’s the yin term I’m using instead of setting “Intentions” I’m receiving (or retrieving) envisions. I believe our Oris and divinities are feeding these visions to us. So I just wanted to share with the group of the evolution that came about as a result of our communing and to invite you all to use these terms as well if they resonate. Blessings and gratitude 🙏🏽"

1.)Prepare a serene environment for yourself.

(soothing music, candles, aromas etc.)

2.)Have pencil/ crayons and paper

3.)Sit quietly, get relaxed and present.

(use breathing and a chant)

4.)Consider (or write down) what this New Moon's themes are.

(Communication, Learning, Information, Intellect, Writing, Thought, The Logical Mind)

5.)Choose which themes you feel particularly drawn to

6.)Close your eyes and say, "I now open myself to the wisdom of this New Moon to guide me in..." and fill in the blank.

Imagine yourself fully resonating with and embodying what you are being shown.

Sit with this and let the thoughts, words and images come to you.

7.)When you feel ready, open your eyes and write down (and/or draw) what you've been shown.

Consider your feelings when you were imagining being, having or doing what you envisioned.

You may notice and write:

I feel Loving

I feel Relaxed

My gaze upon others feels soft with acceptance.

I feel calm inside.

I feel Relieved.

8.) Consider ( and write down) ways of being you will carry with you in your heart throughout this cycle that will keep you in alignment with who you need to be to bring what you've envisioned/ been shown into your experience.

9.) In-Joy

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