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Full Moon in Cancer

Happy Full Moon!

The Full Moon in Cancer is here to offer us Coze and Tenderness As she is most comfortable in her own sign (Cancer)...As we come to the midpoint of Capricorn Season which is ruled by Saturn and Sobriety, a trait we Capricorns often pride ourselves on lol, we could use some of the Water element that Cancer brings that flow, ...that "let her rip", "that let it go and let it flow" lol...Cancer brings us a visceral spontaneity as well as the typical emotionality that it is known for! So you may feel especially tender or sensitive both toward your own needs and the needs of others as well as a hint of unbridled wildness...By nature, the Full Moon can be a highly energetic time and a time where one could experience some feelings of anxiety and instability, hence the term "Lunatic", Full labor wards and holding cells, so on Today hold yourself in a warm and cozy space. Relax, Hug and kiss your inner child...Be a good Mother (Cancer) and Father (Capricorn) to yourself and your loved ones and children...Offer Nurturing Protection, Provide for and Nourish...You may find yourself thinking about or having conversations about family finances and/ or the family business...this Sun/Moon combination can help us to harmonize, our masculine and feminine energies...or at the very least highlights the dance they are dancing...and/or Explore and Express your wild spontaneous emotionality (Cancer) in a safe and controlled (Capricorn) environment like on the Dancefloor! Or by moving and dancing at home and "toning" which is to just let sounds fall out of should try it! Discussion: Women- Do you feel a connection to your inner man? and Do your interactions with the Men in your life offer you protection and provision? Men- Do you feel connected to your Inner Woman? And likewise, Do your relationships with the women in your life offer you Nurturing and Compassion? Where are you being too sober? Where could you stand to let her rip? Are you comfortable with both giving and receiving? #astrology #personalgrowth #cancermoon #fullmoon #moon #astroluv #inspirationalastrology #intuitiveastrology #goddessastrology #toning #cancer #zodiac

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