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Free the Cheeks

Indigenous Dance for Joy, Feminine Vitality and Womb Wellness

· Movement Goddess

Swaying our hips, rolling that pelvic bowl, shaking our booty cheeks is so vital and enlivening to our wombs. The ecstatic bliss of letting those cheeks go and along with them ALL of the stress and weight of the world. It’s hard to stay stuck in an unhealthy emotional pattern when we ring our “body bell” as my Spiritual Godmother calls it. Also our lymphatic system does not have a “pump” of its own, so rigorous movement of our skeletal muscles aids in blood cleaning and detoxifying. We wombmen need/deserve a safe spaces to let it all go. Actually our family and village gatherings used to be such places and still are for many of our Indigenous Family. Since the gross interference of the Colonizer we have been struggling to find our balance in terms of reclaiming our lost and stolen heritage. In my travels to Belize, I experienced the weekly gathering of family around song, dance and the drum with our Garifuna bothers and sisters. Punta Dance is pure Womb Therapy, Emotional Freedom and Liberation of the Feminine Energy. I will be hostessing some Retreats in Belize as well as am devoted to hostessing Punta Dance Womb Therapy Workshop for especially my Womb Massage Clients ☺️... Let’s get Free Ya”ll! #FreetheCheeks #puntadance #dancemedicine #wombwellness #wombcare #divinefeminine #selfcare #garifuna #reclaimingourroots #mindbodysoul #wombtherapy #yoni #womenshealth #womensfitness

Free the cheeks with AfroGoddess
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