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Some years ago, I realized that I spoke shallowly.

I noticed that it stuck with me from young that feminine voices were higher in pitch.

I was speaking from a place that wasn’t even comfortable to me.

I was off- Center. Attempting to resonate from outside of my own natural harmonic resonance.

So naturally what I said from this place rarely felt heart centered.

So naturally, the world that got created from these words rarely felt like home.

I found my voice while on the water one day. (Water: The Mother Element)

She (my voice/ inner self) is deep. She soothes me when I speak from her. She trained me into myself.

Now I speak from that place more naturally and I trust the things I say.

I say the things I mean.

I am loving the World my Word is creating 🖤

I’m never going back. 🖤

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