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Astrology, Sacred Space and Heartfulness for the Fall Equinox

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What is the Fall (Autumnal) Equinox?

“The autumnal equinox—also called the September or fall equinox—is the astronomical start of fall

Why is it called an equinox? The word comes from the Latinaequus, meaning “equal” and nox, meaning “night.”

During the equinox, the Sun crosses what we call the “celestial equator.” Imagine a line that marks the equator on Earth extending up into the sky above the equator from north to south. Earth’s two hemispheres receive the Sun’s rays about equally. The Sun is overhead at noon as seen from the equator, so at this point, the amount of nighttime and daytime (sunlight) are roughly equal to each other.”

Astrologically speaking

This moment is also marked by the Sun entering the Zodiacal Hemisphere known as Libra. Libra is often represented by the scales, which makes sense given that its time begins when there is equal day and equal night hence Librans’ reputation for their preoccupation with equality, harmony and diplomacy...balance.

This shift will effect individuals in various ways, however there is a general tone that can be felt by us all, as interpreted in the transit chart for this time. With the Libra Sun coming in conjunction to mercury, we can expect communication, details and sociability to be at the fore at this time. You may be especially mentally alert and require lots of activities and desire to be well occupied. The mind is very active, which can be used for much good. Don’t abuse sugar and do practice some form of relaxation and get massage to soothe the nervous system. The Sun and Mercury are balanced exactly by transiting Chiron in Aries (a Full Chiron). You may feel especially tender in your selfhood. Chiron in Aries highlights a wound in the self, a negation of the right to exist. Now don’t go getting down about this, because the wounds of Chiron redeem themselves to become our greatest gifts and that which we contribute to the world to help us all. Yay! My brand of Astrology after all is Inspirational Astrology, so I look for what is ‘needed’ to massage and activate the best as most favorable outcomes out of the hand we have chosen 😉. So wherever the emptiness of others has caused them to directly or indirectly contribute to an environment that is not affirming of who we are, life actually gave us an opportunity to feel something and subsequently to heal something. This phenomenon is especially in the spotlight at this time. Stand up for yourself and your right to take up space as a part of the whole, for the sake of harmony of course, after all it is Libra time. 😉 This also points to the Libra lesson of seeking harmony within. Do not give up your serenity for someone else’s chaos. 🙏🏾

“So wherever the emptiness of others has caused them to indirectly or directly contribute to an environment that is not affirming of who we are, life just gave us the opportunity to feel something and subsequently to heal something”

Sacred Space wise

As we turn this “corner” in our year, we may find ourselves pre occupied with getting situated for the Winter ahead. With the now cooler nights, we start to become aware that it’s time to think about going into our storage and bringing out heavier, coats, curtains, blankets and window dressings and or go shopping for those items. But first, let’s look at cleaning and clearing in preparation. First let’s assess if we have furnishings and clothing that no longer serve us that we could give-away, donate or trash. After that, let’s do a deep cleaning of our space one room at a time. As we are beginning to enjoy weather that is not so hot, and as the need for air conditioning wanes, let’s open our windows and let these cool gentle breezes come into our homes and clear out any stagnant energy. There is a message in doing these rituals. Sometimes it’s a good idea to empty a room completely in order to gain a fresh perspective of what we now chose to invite into it. (Message 😉)

“Sometimes it’s a good idea to empty a room completely in order to gain a fresh perspective of what we now chose to invite into it.”

As the life giver of our planet spends less time lighting up our days, we certainly feel that shift of less exposure to light in our bodies. Quite naturally there is a decrease in the pleasure hormones we produce as our brains respond to and prepare for the eminent increase in darkness . You don’t have to put labels on this shift that don’t feel good to you, however do be aware. Your home is the best place for you to effect and harmonize with this shift, because it is where you retreat daily to rejuvenate.

1.) Sleep wake cycles

Do Your best to awaken when the Sun rises. If even for a moment to just look at the sky and say “Thank You” well as slow down, go home and sit quietly at Sunset. These two moments in our day, when the life giver of our planet is emerging and “exiting” are obviously highly important. There is scientific evidence proving that energy levels in terms of electromagnetic frequencies are significantly different at these times. Have you ever notices that birds greet the Sun together and begin their day when the Sun rises and then they ALL come back to end their day together at Sunset? This simple shift in your awareness to attune to these two moments will change how you feel. Also whenever possible sit in darkness at Sundown for 30 minuets or more before turning lights on. It’s important to your brains hormonal functioning to experience “true darkness”. These practices will assist you with calibrating your chemicals to the most natural and basic of phenomena on our planet.

2.) Lighting

With less available natural light, do use Full Spectrum Light bulbs wherever possible. These give off a fuller array of the available light spectrum than do regular light bulbs, making the light they give off, closer to that of natural Sunlight. GE makes a less potent version they call “Reveal” also plant lights would naturally be a more full spectrum light as well.

3.) Aromatherapy and Candles

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence pointing to the importance of smell to our brains function and in our experience of pleasure. There are also accounts that in times past, people who worked in flower shops didn’t get sick. The invisible chemicals (aromas) that flowers, plants and herbs give off are extremely effective to our human organisms. Hence why the intentional use of natural based aromas is so important and an easy way to effect our mood in life and especially in our homes.

Use only essential oils. You can contact me for essential oils and blends as well as for tips on the many ways to use them in your home.

Candles have been used from time immemorial. The soothing warmth of the flame does wonders to induce an environment of calm. Please use candles (and full spectrum lighting) especially on cloudy days as the fire gives us the light and warmth we crave in the absence of obvious Sunlight. The best candles that offer the most benefits and do no harm are Beeswax candles. There is evidence that beeswax candles actually give off “negative ions” that contribute to cleaner air in our homes. The next favorable candle type is soy. Please not that other types of candles may provide the warmth and the flame but render no actual therapeutic effects and some actually “give off” toxic gasses. It’s a good idea to read labels and do your research 😉 (contact me for candle suppliers)

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A Heart full of Honey

Every season is a good season to practice Hearfulness (Or as I call it HoneyHeartfulness) and being Love centered. At this time of Harvest, let us gather the Apples, Pumpkins, Nuts and Spices and host a dinner party. Invite people you feel loved by and whom you feel easily loving toward. People whom you love loving. Gatherings like this as well as practicing getting the love you need and being loving daily, will surely effect the way this Season is feeling for you. In this way, you’ll store up the Love you need and have a nice reservoir to draw from during trying times. Remember, if you have “holes in your Love bucket”, then you’ll lose vital love that you otherwise had stored up for a “rainy day”. Holes come from fear and all it’s many faces, so make sure to get “seen” regularly by someone who can accept you (flaws and all, especially) and still Love you Unconditionally 💛 Until next time, Happy Fall Ya’ll🍁

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