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Don’t just grease your lips, grease your brain

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We are moving away from the habits of covering up disharmony and disease and moving toward (returning to) a holistic living model. Oils/ fats are very important to vitality and beauty. Don’t just grease your lips, grease your brain. Don’t just put on lip gloss, put more good oils inside your body.

The grey matter of our brains is made of fat which is made of oil. When we are stressed, we use more of the oils in our brain for the fight or flight response. If the brain does not have all the oils/ fats it needs, it will pull it from wherever it needs to in order to keep you alive. So things like luster of the hair and skin are compromised as well as elasticity of our nails. Likewise if the brain has to default to searching for oils within the body, then we will feel a decrease in “wherewithal” to handle basic life situations, let alone manage stressful circumstances.

Ofcourse genetics and location play a role in how much of these oils we have available in our bodies, but no one is born dry and brittle, so that means we can sustain the goodness we are born with and even with good/ prudent practices improve upon the design.

Not all oils are good for every body, so you may respond to some oils better than others. The Ayurveda System does a good job of addressing “best oils” for body types.

Maybe our lead contemporary Goddess Scientists in the field of Holistic Medicine @drjewelpookrum and @queenafua as well as other practicing Queen/Goddess Mamas would be willing to share their “best practices” regarding good oils 🦋🙏🏽🦋 stay tuned...

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