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CoEd New and Full Moon Gathering/ Meditation/Talk

Lets gather, revel and discuss...leave feeling energized, uplifted and loved...We will soak up the energy of each Moon time and it’s influences and aspects and let that energy inform and guide our discussion, ritual and mediation...We are invoking Love as the Universal Force that drives and guides us all...We are reconnecting and attuning our circuitry to receive the new information and vibrations needed for this and the times to come...We are expanding our capacity for Love...To give and to receive...Learn this Love Technology 💛... Love Talk with an Astro Spin

I’m up to something...

This part that I’m sharing is an inside scoop, only available to subscribers 😉... My gatherings have never been CoEd...Ever. They’ve always been Goddess Gatherings, but things are changing. We’ve had some time to Revel in our Inmer Goddess on our own, behind the veil and in the ‘red tent.’ Now we are ready to, in a safe environment, share sacred space with men of like mind and heart who are also ready to heal and share. Men who want to ‘do no harm’ and who are on the progressive side of justice and the rebalancing of these planetary energies. I have secretly been (and still am) collecting Brothers who are kind, who are vigilant to check their masculine power, who care about balance, fairness and wellbeing. I also have been collecting information regarding our individual and collective Feminine Power and how we are using it. We can enjoy this walk as we work to undo the ‘Not Real’ things that have been placed in our experiences and in our minds. It is my hope that these CoEd Awaken Love Full and New Moon Gatherings will be the beginning of a collective resythesizing and harmonizing of Our Masculine and Feminine Energies and hence Love, Peace and Happiness for our World.

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