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Cancer New Moon Envisionings 2020

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Cancer, Yemoja and the Great Mother~Womb

Happy New Moon in Cancer 🌚 Cancer is always about the Woman, the Mother, the Womb, Family and Feelings, However this New Moon is being “balanced” by a stellium between Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, all in Capricorn. This particular New Moon, invites us not only to Yemoja (the Mother Goddess and Matriarch) and to the realm of Intuition but to the honoring of the Providers, the Practical, the Powerful Patriarchs of our family that support and stabilize.

Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter

With this stellium in Capricorn, esoterically we are looking at powerful (Pluto), benevolent (Jupiter) Grandfathers (Saturn in Capricorn) that have quietly supported our families. Do your have Grandparents who had (have) a solid relationship and your whole family looked to them as examples? Do you have a Grandfather who was (is) a Priest, Shaman or a jolly Saint? Spend time with them or communing with their Spirits.

Work with the medicine of an Androgynous Deity (ie Olokun) to usher in a new season of the embodiment of balance and harmony.

Womb Wellness and this moon

This moon could have implications for women with womb disharmonies. Now is the time to begin a new cycle of thought around the experiences we've had with men and how that is effecting our inner selves. Are we now choosing to align with benevolent, kind, empowered men who honor us? This moon gives us an opportunity to examine and then establish a new paradigm around our romantic relationships, legacy and womb consciousness. Stop opening your legs for (let alone bringing children into the world with) men you don't even feel honored by and who on top of it aren't willing to provide for and support you while you're carrying life. And brothers, don't be this man. Only align yourself with women whom you honor and in whose presence you can easily be your highest self; whom you feel sincerely loved by. Only then will you give yourself the best opportunity to be the kind of being you can respect and to manifest the kind of life you"d be proud to live in.

New Moon Envisioning Ritual

Breathe in a picture of a balanced world with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in loving and balanced harmony. Cooperating. Each in power and in their right place. Invite the harmony of this vision into the masculine and feminine nature within. Begin a new cycle of equally honoring the logic and intuition, light and dark, internal and external and in so experience inner and outer Unity.

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