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Bliss and the Gifts of the Ancestors

· Spirituality

Ancestor/ Egun observance has always been practiced by those Indigenous to the planet.

The other day while driving, I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and began tearing up.

Then when I felt deeper into it, I could feel my Great Grandmothers presence.

She was communicating the gratitude she felt that I am living a good, peaceful and sweet life; being responsible, having what I need, feeling loved, being loving and using the gifts and virtues I observed in her and building on them in my own life.

Your Ancestors lived so that you could have a happy and fulfilled life. So that you could thrive and be filled with joy.

So that you could build on whatever wealth they accumulated be it material or spiritual.

Some of our Ancestors made great strides in terms of Emotional intelligence, some Domestic, Creative, Technical or Spiritual.

Through active remembrance of them and their virtues we get to consciously discover where we already share gifts.

Or where we want to borrow from their strengths to awaken those genes in us, to aid in our evolution and happiness in this life.

We are not starting from scratch in this lifetime. The WISDOM of our Ancestors is with US inside US.

Yes , unobstructed, these virtues can/ will naturally come out of dormancy, activate and bleed out into our experience when we need them most.

But as people of color who have been captives and terrorized, we can especially have limited access to these genes of Wisdom. They have been intentionally turn off and/or stripped from us.

So we must necessarily re-awaken them; re-stoke the fires of the Wisdom of our Ancestors to ignite their genius in us especially when we need it most.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like to begin to make Ancestral practice a regular part of your life.

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