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Aries New Moon 2020

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Happy New Moon in Aries 🔥 Aries (Ogun) is the first sign of the zodiac so hence rules the 1st house. Aries is a cardinal fire sign and deals with the Self as in Defining One’s self and the right to exist unobstructed as one chooses. Given that at the beginning much of life in nature has to assert itself against conditions that would threaten its survival. Aries is the Warrior. Here war is not about necessarily overthrowing as much as it is about, being enough of what one is to encourage a proper environment for one’s existence. If we consider how we all came into this world, we caused some discomfort to our Mothers as we sought to establish a fitting environment for our growth. Well even before that we were synthesized from a sperm that had to be strong and fast enough to outrun and to endure.

This New Moon in Aries came in this morning, Tuesday, March 24th at 5:27 am est. It comes in conjunct Chiron (known as the wounded healer) while its planetary ruler, Mars, is conjunct Pluto, sometimes called the Lord of the Underworld.

We are ALL tasked with and given the opportunity to heal a deep scar of the Self. This is the moment to explore and ultimately destroy any forces that are trying to assert themselves on (in) our right to be and that violates the right we have to exist; the right to define ourselves, to be ourselves and to take up space along with everyone else. Use this New Moon to create space around yourself so that you can be, grow and thrive. Let the space you create be made of actual strength and not false ego pride. This membrane is not meant to be penetrable right now. True and rigorous Introspection at this time will keep us from becoming aggressive egomaniacs in response to the pain of our scars. Let your connecting be from a secure place and let this space gently push up against and interact with everything around.

Aries/ Ogun represents the fiery will. You are not an imposter. You are a beautiful creation. You are operating inside of a vessel, in a dimension and a world that has is subject to certain laws. You are not your vessel. Operating within the parameters of this framework does not limit you, but frees you. Claim your Freedom. Be YOU. Be FREE ❤️


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