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AfroGoddess and The Classy Corporate Sistah

Is it a fit?

· HeartfulLove Goddess

Is AfroGoddess ONLY for Sistahs with Afros and who consider themselves "AfroCentric"?

No more than Ebony Magazine is only for Chocolate complected Sistahs. AfroGoddess celebrates We the Women of the Diaspora, especially, and we happen to come in many beautiful shades and hues. "Afro" as a term originated in the 70's and as more than a hairstyle, celebrated that we knew that we were from the Mother Continent, even as part Indian as most of us are. More broadly AfroGoddess is About, For and From all Indigenous Women worldwide. And even more broadly, AfroGoddess speaks to Women in general...How? or Why? Because when the Black woman who is the Mother of Civilization, whom has been debased, is resurrected and reclaims her Rightful place, ALL of humanity is restored and benefits. This includes all of our Sistahs, whether they are in Fros and Dashikis or in Heels in the Boardroom.

How can a "Corporate" Sistah benefit from "AfroGoddess"

The world of AfroGoddess puts us in touch with what is innately Juicy, Feminine, Powerful and Magickal about Us. Our Sistahs 9 to 5in it could use this the most, given that often they are challenged to operate so far outside of there nature and natural surroundings. They are constantly challenged to meet the demands of Power, Leadership and Logic. The products and services found here, put the Feminine nature at ease and in balance. How does her home need to be such that it is a restorative temple for her to rejuvenate in, in order to depressurize from the challenges of the outside world? What are the tools she needs to handle a Man and children lovingly in order to have peace at home? What care, nutrition, therapy and movement promotes the best vitality for her? AfroGoddess answers these kinds of questions and provides appropriate products, services and inspiration

Stay Tuned! as AfroGoddess is a Growing Network! Full Completed site coming soon😉

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