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My Committment to 1 Blog per day

Hey Ya'll!

Soooo...I guess now that Mercury is out Retrograde and going direct I am ready to come out and share! I have so much to say, so much experience and so much Love to share and soooo many of you have let me know that you are ready to and wanting to hear from me...what a blessing and an Honor

One blog per day

My committment is to post al least one blog per day! I definetly post to FB and Instagram daily however I have neglected my own blog. The content on this blog will be original and not the same as the content I share on other platforms. So my audience here will get a unique experience. Everything from Astrology and Soul Path, to Apllying Love to Real Life, to Ideas tools and tips on Creating Sacred Space in your home, to Practical Well Being tips, to Indigenous Inspired Fashion and Much More!

Not only for Women

Anyone can get something out of my blogs. I hold some rather unpopular views regarding relationships and gender relations, for example: Men are often more in tune with emotion these days and how As a result of being victimized lots of Women are violators and how to address and heal this. Also just applying love and justice on a level playing field relative to gender. My views can be just as refreshing to Men as to Women. We're all in this together!

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