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The 7day Love Bliss Challenge

Yes it’s a tall claim to get you all up and running ‘Love-Bliss’ wise in 7days but if you are committed to doing something different and being responsible for your own happiness, then you will surely rise to this most beautiful of challenges. Ask me anything...anything. I am 100% committed to those who are willing to strip the ego and do the work. That’s the room I’m inviting you into. My base is mostly Astrological and Intuitive (Spiritual), however over the past few years I have enrolled myself in the Real Love curriculum and am a devoted student and practitioner, 💛 Who is this for?

1.) Those wanting to Enhance a loving relationship

2.) Those wanting to Save/Assess a Rocky Relationship

3.) The Newly Single and needing to restore Love and Bliss within

4.) The Happily Single who want to focus on Love and Heartfulness

5.)This group is not for the curious ‘wallflower’. This work is not a spectator sport.

Let’s Do This!!!

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